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Above and Beyond Caregiving

Here are some examples where our team has lived our mission at Right at Home by "Improving the Quality of Life for Those We Serve."

Comments About Our In Home Care Services

"They are dependable, and the office staff is really helpful. Just being here every day helped me a lot. She was on time. They made sure she ate, moved her, and made sure she was happy. They sat with her and talked with her. They were her companion. They always called me and checked up on their employees and Susan. They were very polite and did what needed to be done. There was not anything they could have done better." - Susan G.
"Dear Becky, I would like to advise you that Laurie Johnson is a clean, fun, and organized hard worker. She knows a lot of old ways of doing things and always introduces new ways. She is very fun to be with and makes us laugh. If Laurie did not work as my caregiver, she is still someone I would like in my life as a friend. Laurie is extremely patient with my declining husband. She listens to him and treats him with respect. She is also a great cook. Laurie does it all! Housework, laundry, bathing, and even arranging flowers. We love Laurie!"  Sincerely, - Joe and Alice S. 
"They are very good at getting someone over here. When someone can't come, they try to get a substitute. They call me when the caregiver can't come and ask if I want a substitute. The services have been very helpful. It is nice to have someone here so I can go out and do necessary shopping. She cleans him up and changes his shirts. She does exercise his arms, which is good. She says hello and goodbye to him. I appreciate that she does do all the necessary steps to clean him up and feed him."  Family Member - Jim C. 
"They are very professional and follow through with promises. It's all good. It gives me the ability to rest and go do shopping without worrying about my son. They help out around the house as well as with hygiene and transporting. They are well trained. They help in measuring blood pressure and with his eating, cleaning, and all that. They are very attentive. If Junior needs anything, they respond immediately. If I have any questions or changes in itinerary, they call right away and say what needs to be done. I appreciate them knowing what chores need to be done without having to be told. They are pretty much doing everything. All my needs are being met." Client - Roberto F. 
"The caregiver we have right now is very efficient and she takes care of Sylvia. Someone is here and they take good care of my loved one which is all I care about. The office staff is awesome. If I have a problem, they are right there. Having Right at Home come gives my husband and I a chance to go out and not worry about if someone taking care of my loved one. I'm very happy with all of their abilities with taking care of my mom. I can't be any more satisfied with them." Client - Sylvia T. 
"My situation is different from most. I am the caregiver for my father. They allow me to work in home as my father's caregiver. My father has an excellent life. I would do anything for him. It has increased his quality of life. My father has lost lots of weight and is on fewer medications" Client - William H.
"They have made themselves available, which establishes trust with me. My caregivers do their job, which shows they have a good work ethic, by taking the trash out. The caregivers should come to work in their uniforms or scrubs. They have made themselves available, which establishes trust with me. I appreciate that my caregivers do their job. My caregiver, Cora Smith, is very careful about watching me for possible fall risks. She has been there at my side like an assistant for walking around the house." Client - Frederick G.
"The impact is huge. I don't have to worry about my mom because I know the caregiver is there providing companionship and that my mom's needs are taken care of. Stacy is thorough with my mom, she keeps good notes and follows through on what I ask her to do. Stacy definitely provides the care my mom needs. Stacy makes sure my mom eats, prompts her to take medication, helps with baths, and takes her for walks. I'm not looking for much communication with the office. They answer the phone when I need them, and that's absolutely sufficient. Stacy makes an effort to understand what my mom wants and needs, even in terms of companionship and friendship, and she's very flexible." Client - Hortensia M.
"She goes way beyond the service to make everything work for me. They cook my meals and do anything that I need to be done. I only know Becky. She provides anything I need. The caregivers do anything I need and asks if there's anything they can do to make me more comfortable. The lady that gives me a bath is outstanding. " Client - Jim W.
"Becky was very nice. It was very hard in the beginning to work out problems with the insurance company and Becky went above and beyond. She anticipates Edie's needs really well. She is constantly moving and asking if she can help. Evelyn, her caregiver, is constantly asking if she can help out. She has taken the time to get to know Edie and what her strengths and weaknesses are. She anticipates Edie's needs really well. She is constantly moving and asking if she can help. Edie can be difficult to match, so we went through a few caregivers. They were nice to do that." Edie S.
"They sent a caregiver to us by the name of Gail who has been very caring. We've had Bible studies together, she's gone to church with us, and she's even brought her puppy along. My wife was placed in the hospital and was not expected to live, so when we had Right at Home, they immediately took care of her and provided her showers and prepared meals. I don't have to boss them or tell them what to do, they just come in and they know what they're supposed to do. Right at Home hasn't sent someone that doesn't know how to do what we need. They dress my wife in the morning, they give her a regular shower and they give her breakfast, and they do our laundry. They've called me when there was a problem, and they've even called me to tell me who they were going to send. They've been very patient with me." Jeanne S.
"The Caregiver’s from Right at Home are always on time and are really kind, professional, and helpful. They always do way more than we ask. They are really good at treating my mom like a person who matters and has a purpose. They are really good with scheduling. They always make sure we have coverage, and are understanding. They have been really helpful because we are finally able to have a life and also have care for my loved one. When I was calling different places, they were always the nicest and friendliest people I spoke with." Beth R.
"They're friendly, gentle with my mom, and they care for her. They are good at talking to her and letting her know what they are doing. They help with bathing, and that's pretty much all they are helping with. Whenever I've called, they've been quick to address whatever questions I've had. They are just there, and I know that. It has helped me with the care of Fern and gives me a little rest." Fern M.
"Our Caregiver seems to care about my father. She makes stuff for him, watches him, and cares for him. She helps with the laundry, garbage, light housekeeping/cleaning, and is there for him. I like that they are very nice and reliable. They have helped with everything. They help with his showers, insulin, are just there for him, and help’s around the house. " Bill R.
"To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter of recommendation without request from Janis H. Janis provided in-home care for my husband Jeffrey G. following his brain surgery for two aneurysm repair clippings and removal of two meningiomas through Right at Home. Following surgery my husband had cognitive communication deficits including lack of awareness of deficits, difficulty with task initiation and task sequencing. He had a Foley catheter and also rheumatoid arthritis. He required a four wheel walker for ambulation.Janis provided excellent care which included assisting my husband with his physical and occupational exercises, supervising for fall prevention, standby assist during ambulation, assisting my husband with meal preparation and other activities of daily living due to his initiation and sequencing deficits. The primary care was to provide overall safety supervision due to poor judgement. Janis fulfilled her duties in an excellent manner using tact when providing supervision and safety. She provided care with kindness and encouragement. She performed all duties with minimal instruction provided to her. Most important to me was that she provided care that was needed as the need occurred and she used good judgement to know when to provide care and when to allow my husband to increase his skills. Thanks to Janis I was able to leave and go to work without concern regarding my husband's safety. She actively looked for ways to provide assistance in light housekeeping helping to support my needs at the same time. I highly recommend Janis H. as a caregiver and would not hesitate to use her skills again. I am available as a reference for her and would be happy to answer any questions about her care." Wife of Client -Linda G.

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Testimonial from Al McCoy (Announcer for the Phoenix Suns)

What’s around the corner?

Al McCoy Announcer for the Phoenix Suns We have all heard the expression “What’s around the corner? It’s something that no one can predict. If I were told “just around the corner” I would need a Caregiver in my household, I wouldn’t have believed it.

When I realized that my wife and lifetime partner would require a Caregiver in order to live at home, it was a shock. What do I do? Where do I turn? Fortunately, a close friend told me about RIGHT AT HOME. I had looked into other companies and potential solutions and was very confused. When I called RIGHT AT HOME, Becky and Mark Leuer came to my home and met with my wife and myself. Meeting and talking with them lifted a huge weight off of me. After meeting our Caregiver, I was even more confident this was going to be exactly what we needed. All the folks at RIGHT AT HOME are there to provide the service that you need. I can’t begin to tell you how much their service has meant to me. I was lucky that a friend recommended RIGHT AT HOME to me. Now, I would do the same for any family with the same need. RIGHT AT HOME….They put the CARE in Caregiver.

Al McCoy
Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Right at Home Testimony featuring Al McCoy

Dustin Baker

When help is needed, we make sure your care is Right at Home.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or
even touched - they must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller

Dustin Baker and Charley G.Meet Dustin Baker, a twenty-nine year old Army Combat Medic Veteran and former caregiver. Dustin has been the Marketing Coordinator for the Mesa, AZ Right at Home East Valley Phoenixfranchise office since December of 2014. After Dustin’s military service of caring for our Nation’s Soldiers on and off the battlefield, he came back to his home state of Arizona and began work at a local assisted living community. After a few months of being a caregiver for the senior community, Dustin took the position as the Marketing Coordinator with Right at Home. When Dustin took the position it was intended to be administrative in nature, and direct patient care was never anticipated. But when a situation arose, Dustin “felt with his heart” and volunteered once again to care for those in need.

Now meet twenty-six year old Charley G. Charley came into this beautiful world as we know it born without his upper or lower extremities. Charley, through his challenges of having no arms or legs has adapted to help overcome his disabilities and gained an immense amount of independence. Charley is a dog trainer, lives by himself in his own condo, and has little to no modified medical equipment to assist him with his activities of daily living. However, given his disability, there are a few things Charley needs a little bit of extra help with.

During a senior function, Dustin came in contact with another home care agency representative who told him about a client they were having trouble staffing.   In the Home Care industry, it is fairly well known that the caregivers are predominantly female. Unfortunately due to the uniqueness of Charley’s disabilities, the transferring of Charley requires a good deal of strength, as no gait belt can be used for assistance. The transfer requires a complete lift, which if not done correctly, could significantly injure the caregiver providing the transfer. Dustin opted to take the case knowing full well the staffing issues that could arise, and offered to care for Charley if the need should arise.

Since Right at Home has taken the case, a few of those foreseen difficulties did arise in staffing this unique case, and Dustin was right there to roll up his sleeves and provide the care Charley needed. Dustin’s selfless care will continue with Charley until the perfect client to caregiver match has been made. This is a clear example and heartwarming story of why we have the “Right People doing the Right Things the Right Way for the Right Reason” with Right at Home In-Home Care and Assistance.

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