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The Right at Home franchise in Glendale, AZ, owned by Becky and Mark Leuer, is leading the industry by partnering with Dr. Daniel Nightingale, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, who won the coveted Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Dementia award from Stirling University in Scotland for his ground-breaking dementia research.

In a recent interview, Dr. Nightingale stated, “A collaborative approach is the only way we can achieve a solid, multi-disciplinary approach to memory care in the state of Arizona. A state-wide strategy will serve to removeDr. Nightingale stigma, lead to people living well with memory challenges, educate both professionals and lay people about dementia, reduce reliance on anti-psychotics and encourage eclectic approaches to care and treatment.”

England’s National Dementia Strategy and Always a Last Resort Program, which Dr. Nightingale helped develop, stresses helping patients remain safe and happy in their homes, best practices for professionals to achieve true patient-centered care through collaboration, and education, education, education! These are goals that Right at Home understands and supports. Becky and her staff are proud to be leading the charge to bring Dr. Nightingale’s innovative new strategies and therapies to seniors, families, and professionals in our community, our state, and our nation!

Learn how to positively support someone to Live Well with Dementia – Dr. Nightingale will show you how to support not only the individual who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, but also family members and friends who are sharing the journey.


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