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Case Management Society of America - Arizona Chapter

Case Management Society of America

Friday Oct 12th was Case Management Society of America Arizona Chapter’s 18th Annual Conference. Now for 10 years (since we have opened) we have been attending the conference as an exhibitor. Each year there are new attendees and new ideas in Home Care. This conference is always well attended and every year we see new ways to better serve our aging population. One of the main topics this year involved Brain and Memory issues and how to understand what a loved one goes through and what the family will encounter. We would like to thank the Committee for putting together another very successful conference and look forward to next year’s agenda.


Mind for All Seasons

Mind for All SeasonsMany thanks to Avista Senior Living in Sun City West for hosting the "A Mind for All Seasons - Dementia Mastery Series". The speaker, Eric Collett, gave an amazing presentation with information that included things that everyone can do to help their cognitive functioning. These were things such as decreasing sugar, increasing healthy fats, increasing the amount of vegetables that are highly colored, making sure that some form of physical exercise is done daily and challenging your brain with something new every day! Eric Collett is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and dementia expert, a licensed ALF administrator and teacher at Boise University and the College of Western Idaho.

Truth about Dementia


Truth about Dementia

Becky Leuer attended the Grab-a-Plate and Educate seminar that was held at Quail Run Behavior Health and hosted by Amber Creek Inn in Scottsdale, AZ and Quail Run Behavior Health. These two organizations graciously provided this free seminar and complimentary lunch! Shelly Drews, a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer was the speaker. She did a terrific job in explaining different techniques that family members and caregivers can use with a loved one suffering from dementia.

American Italian Club Vendor Fair

Italian Club Mesa

Saturday May 12, 2018 Right at Home Northwest Phoenix attended the American Italian Club’s vendor fair. We were joined by many different companies that support the elderly in the Valley of the Sun. Not only did we chat with the attendees that need help themselves or for a loved one, we also had a chance to mingle with other companies that help the elder population here in the Phoenix area. Getting to know others that cater to the elderly gives Right at Home more resources to refer to when a senior is in need of some help. Finding trustworthy companies and people and passing them on to the elderly is what we are all about. Thanks goes out to all the great companies who attend this event and special thanks to the American Italian Club for inviting us to join them this last Saturday.

Dollhouse find new home after donation to Leisure World

Leisure World
Dollhouse at Leisure WorldRight at Home donated a doll house to Leisure World that had been in the family for over 20 years. In those 20 years, the house went through a large amount of trauma and needed remodeled With our daughter now done with college, the doll house needed a new home. Right at Home provides care for several clients in Leisure World and are familiar with Leisure World’s charity events and their donations to many organizations. We know that the doll house would go to a great home after the remodel. After several months and many man hours, the doll house was auctioned to a couple who bought it for their own daughter. She has a disability herself and this doll house will be a part of her therapy. The proceeds went to fund another project in the workshop. They are in the middle of building toy cars for the U.S. Marine to give to the children in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to our donation, they are able to make an additional 150 toy cars. Right at Home would like to thank the people who worked hard in the work shop to give the doll house a facelift to be able to auction it off for the money to make toy cars. Also, big thanks to Leisure World for all they do for the community.

Lobby Day

Becky Leuer at Lobby Day 2018Lobby Day 2018

We had a great time with industry friends and HCAOA (Home Care Association of America) Executive Director Phil Bongiorno at the 1st HCAOA and AZNHA (Arizona In Home Care Association) joint Lobby Day at the Arizona State Capitol! It was very interesting to observe a portion of the House Health Committee meeting as well as having our group introduced on the Senate floor! We were honored to have Senators Rick Gray and Nancy Barto speaking to us at lunch, along with group meetings with individual Representatives of the House and Senate.

I would like to personally thank Representative Ben Toma and Senator Sean Bowie for thoughtfully listening to me and my associates. We look forward to more interaction on behalf of both of our Associations and our Legislators in the future!

Recognizing National Caregiver Day

We Love Caregivers

National Caregivers Day 2018February 16th was;National Caregiver Day! To celebrate, we invited our care team to come by the office and enjoy lunch with us. It was a great opportunity to connect with our team and address any of their concerns while showing them our appreciation. We are so grateful for the amazing team that we have and all that they do for our clients.

Resort Lifestyles Communities Opening in Peoria

Resort Lifestyle Communities Peoria, Arizona

Resort Lifestyle Communities is opening a new independent living building in Peoria, Arizona towards the end of 2018, called Arrowhead Valley. Right at Home has partnered up with Arrowhead Valley to provide extra assistance so the residents can stay independent while aging in place. We provide help from companionship to standby assist and incontinence care. Arrowhead Valley is a 3 story building with 128 rooms that will consist of anything from studios to three bedrooms.

Desert Winds Retirement Community Pizza Party

Desert Winds Community Pizza Party

Last month, we hosted a pizza party at Desert Winds Retirement Community. At Desert Winds, when the residents know there is a pizza party, they arrive before lunchtime to ensure they get a slice or two. We had a great time interacting with some of the nicest residents out there who had nothing but nice things to say about Desert Winds, the place they call home.





Dementia and Cognitive Support Certified

Dementia and Cognitive Support Certified

We were so excited to be a part of the new Dementia and Cognitive Support Certification training in San Diego earlier this month! This training is specific to Right at Home and will truly help us to change the lives of our clients that have cognitive challenges.

Annual Case Management Society of America Arizona Chapter Meeting

Right at Home Northwest Phoenix attended the Case Management Society of America Arizona Chapter in ScottsdaleThe annual Case Management Society of America (CMSA) Arizona chapter was held on November 17th in Scottsdale. Right at Home is pleased to be a part of this event for the 9th year in a row. We attend every year to recognize case managers who are so vital to the health care industry. We work closely with many case managers who ensure the patient gets the care they need once they are in their home.

Walk to End Alzheimer's

Walk to End Alzheimer's PhoenixRight at Home participated in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Phoenix. Currently, there are more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s and it is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Right at Home actively donates to the Alzheimer's Association each year as it is a disease that affects us personally and professionally. While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, Right at Home is able to provide experienced caregivers and CNAs who can alleviate some of the stress this disease causes. This year, the walk raised more than $400,000 which brings us that much closer to finding a cure.

Desert Shadows RV Resort in Phoenix

Desert Shadows RV Resort in Phoenix

Right at Home was invited to have a table at the recent vendor fair at Desert Shadows RV Resort in Phoenix. This event featured many arts and crafts made by the residences as well as people in the community. Thank you Desert Shadows for hosting this event and making us feel welcome in the community.

Savior Hospice

Savior Hospice

Right at Home Northwest Phoenix, Right at Home Scottsdale, and Right at Home East Valley teamed up on Halloween to speak with the staff at Savior Hospice. We want to thank them for inviting us and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Glendale Adult Center

Glendale Adult Center

Right at Home Northwest Phoenix held a table at the Glendale Adult Center to inform the community of ways we can help the elderly in their homes. We are very grateful for this opportunity and loved meeting the people of the community.

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

Right at Home Northwest and Right at Home East Valley spent the morning learning about Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona to see if there are ways we can partner with them to help our clients affected by a brain injury. We want to thank them for being so accommodating and taking the time to speak with us. If you are looking for ways to volunteer or have interest in the subject, please check them out!

AZ MediQuip Peoria

AZ MediQuip has opened a location in Peoria! We are looking forward to working with them in the future to allow our clients to stay in their home and feel safe to do so. They have one of the largest selections of medical equipment in the Valley that you can rent or buy.

AZ Mediquip in Peoria

West Valley Alzheimer's Walk

Right at Home Northwest and West Valley teamed up to fight Alzheimer’s! Alzheimer’s is a disease that not only affects us in a business aspect, but also a personal one. Each donation brings us one step closer to finding a cure to this disease. We want to thank everyone that came out and showed their support. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Phoenix walk on November 11th!

West Valley Alzheimer's Walk

West Valley Coalition on Aging at Glencroft

Right at Home attended the West Valley Coalition on Aging held at Glencroft in Glendale, Arizona. The guest speaker today was David Eastman of Morris Hall PLLC. David spoke on the importance of trusts, especially special needs trusts. He made a great point when he stated, “We work our whole life to build up our estates. We need to work to ensure we protect the assets we have earned.” Thank you Glencroft for hosting us, David for speaking, and Griswold Home Care and Desired Resources & Americare Hospice & Palliative Care for setting up the meeting!

West Valley Coalition on Aging at Glencroft in Glendale, Arizona

Health and Wellness Fair at Midwestern University in Glendale

Thank you Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona for inviting Right at Home to the Health and Wellness Fair! It was a great turn out and gave the staff of Right at Home the opportunity to educate the public on our services. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Health and Wellness Fair at Midwestern University in Glendale

Home Care Association of America Meeting

Home Care Association of America Meeting

Right at Home attended the Home Care Association of America meeting with guest speaker Cameron Svendesen. Cameron is a licensed clinical social worker and has over 25 years invested service in the healthcare industry. In late 2013, Cameron helped found Palliative Care Alliance. In Spring of 2017, Cameron helped found Faith Hospice in Phoenix, AZ. During the meeting, Cameron spoke about the Safe Home Care Coalition that was formed in Phoenix. The Safe Home Care Coalition program will be rolled out at the National Home Care Association of America conference being held next month in Austin.

Merrill Gardens at Anthem Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Merrill Gardens at Anthem Ribbon Cutting


Had a great time yesterday at the Merrill Gardens at Anthem Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! Pictured is an ice sculpture with shrimp cocktail at the bottom - my favorite part! They had a great turnout and I was glad to be able to attend. Thank you again for having me and for making a difference in the lives of the people in Anthem!






Walk to End Alzheimer's at Thunderbird Senior Living in Phoenix

Walk to end Alzheimer's at Thunderbird Senior Living in Phoenix


Had a great time at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s dinner at Thunderbird Senior Living in Phoenix. They had a delicious menu and great music to go along with it. Congratulations on raising the most money thus far to support a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.



Mastering the Art of Dementia Care at Terra Pointe

Thank you Terra Pointe Memory care for holding the “Mastering the Art of Dementia Care” presentation. Becky Leuer, owner of Right at Home Northwest Phoenix, attended this presentation to learn different ways to help care for the clients to ensure they receive the best care possible.

Mastering the Art of Dementia Care Certificate

Right at Home Northwest Phoenix focuses on the client and learning about their background so we can relate to them on a deeper level and bring back memories they are fond of.

Grand Opening of The Enclave at Anthem

Had a great time at the grand opening of The Enclave at Anthem. It is a beautiful new community that has independent living, assisted living, and a memory care unit. The independent side will be opening early September with the assisted and memory care to follow.

The Enclave at Anthem

Dispatch Health Open House in Phoenix

Dispatch Health in Phoenix

Had a great time at the Dispatch Health open house learning about ways to keep our clients comfortable in their own homes while allowing them to get the care they need to stay healthy. Dispatch Health is new to the Phoenix area and serves as an on-demand urgent care that comes to you. They bring along 7 suitcases such as the one pictured below that can treat many things such as gastrointestinal problems or urinary tract infections.




Tour of Neuro Rehab Care Home in Peoria

Had a great time touring the brand new Neuro Rehab Care home in Peoria! It is a beautiful home with 10 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. This is a great place for anyone who needs a post-acute brain and spinal cord rehabilitation home. Definitely one of a kind in the Phoenix area!

Neuro Rehab Care in Peoria

Ability360 Campus Tour in Phoenix

Right at Home had a great time touring the Ability360 campus in Phoenix. It is a beautiful fitness center that accommodates people with physical limitations. Even their rock climbing wall designed for people with a disability! For veterans and their spouses, they only charge $25 a year for a membership. If you are in the Phoenix area, it is an amazing campus to check out!

Ability360 Court Ability360 Climbing Wall

 6th Annual Disability and Human Services Day

Mark and Becky on the field



Right at Home Northwest Phoenix and Right at Home East Valley teamed up for the 6th annual Disability and Human Services Day at Chase Field in Phoenix. It was a fun night full of baseball and educating those on the importance on in-home care. The Disability and Human Services Day is a day to recognize and include those with a disability who may not attend a Diamondbacks game otherwise. Prior to the start of the game, Becky Leuer and Mark Leuer were recognized on the field for their participation in this event.

Right at Home booth

West Valley Coalition on Aging at Glencroft Senior Living in Glendale

West Valley Coalition on AgingRight at Home would like to thank Glencroft Senior Living in Glendale for hosting the West Valley Coalition on Aging this morning. The guest speaker, Laura Brown of Vantage Financial Services, gave an amazing presentation on “Focusing on the Family". Financial planning with a family member prior to their death may be a hard subject to discuss. However, it will save their loved one's immense time, pain and grief if addressed beforehand.


Terra Point Memory Care Grand Opening in Glendale

Terra Pointe Memory Care Grand Opening


Had a great time at the Terra Pointe Memory Care grand opening! Can’t wait to see your company become established in the community and the impact you make on the clients you serve.





Assisted Living Locators Glendale Grand Opening

Assisted Living Locators Glendale Grand OpeningCongratulations to Lori Sears on her grand opening of Assisted Living Locators Glendale! We enjoyed being a part of your grand opening celebration and are excited to team up with you to make a difference in the community!










Assisted Living Federation of America Fall Symposium

Assisted Living Federation of America Fall The Assisted Living Federation of America Fall Symposium in Phoenix, AZ was a terrific experience. Right at Home participated as an Exhibitor and gave out information on the benefits of home care even for those already in Assisted Living Communities. The symposium Keynote presenter was JJ Birden, a former NFL wide-receiver. He spoke about keeping motivated and finding passion in your life, no matter what your age. Other speakers included information on Music from Heart, a musical therapy program specifically developed for those with dementia. The day ended with a panel of speakers for the MINE initiative, a program in educating first responders on how to best help those individuals with dementia when they are called out to an emergency situation. All in all a terrific and well attended conference!

Supporting People to Live Well with Dementia

Live Well with DementiaOn June 7, 2016, Right at Home presented Supporting People to Live Well with Dementia at the gorgeous newly-opened Surprise Memory Care in Surprise, AZ. The all-day workshop featured Dr. Daniel Nightingale, award-winning international groundbreaker in dementia treatment, and author, speaker, and trained hypnotherapist Kathleen Nightingale, both of Dementia Therapy Specialists. Topics included: The use of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for people living with dementia, a live demonstration of relaxation techniques, and the first-time-anywhere introduction of MaRTiS Music and Reminiscence Therapy, a program designed by Dr. Nightingale. The West Side Story Tellers also performed, bringing the audience to laughter and tears with their great stories and engaging delivery.

Live Well Dr. Nightingale
The educational and entertaining day was a great success and Right at Home is proud to continue to bring the best in innovative new ideas to our clients and our community!

Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America Spring Conference

ALFA SpringRight at Home attended the Arizona ALFA (Assisted Living Federation of America) Spring Conference & Expo at the gorgeous We-Ko-Pa Resort & Conference Center in Fountain Hills, AZ on April 19 & 20. This year’s theme, "The Marvel-ous Heroes of Assisted Living" provided a fun change of pace from the serious business of providing the best care and resources for Arizona seniors. Representing Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and Mesa franchises, the Right at Home table was proud to provide information on the best in senior services Valley-wide!ALFA Costumes

The Positive Impact of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment Option Part 2

“The Positive Impact of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment Option” was the topic for the second installment of the Living Well with Dementia series at the gorgeous Silverado Memory Care Community in Peoria, AZ on Thursday, April 6. This 6-month series of presentations by internationally-acclaimed Clinical Dementia Specialist Dr. Daniel Nightingale is offered free to the public through the collaborative efforts of Right at Home, Serenity Hospice, and Dementia Therapy Specialists.
The Positive Impact of Hypnotherapy
“I never had any idea that hypnosis could help someone with dementia – just amazing!” and “I can’t wait to tell my husband about this!” were among the comments at the end of the standing-room-only event!

The Positive Impact of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment Option

On April 4, 2016, Right at Home Northwest Phoenix was proud to bring Dr. Daniel Nightingale’s presentation, “The Positive Impact of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment Option” to MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care at Arrowhead in Glendale, Arizona as part of our 6-month Living Well with Dementia support series. With the help of Serenity Hospice, Right at Home continues to lead the community in exploring innovative solutions and techniques to improve the lives of our clients and seniors everywhere!
Treatment Option Treatment Option 2

The next presentation in the Living Well with Dementia series at MorningStar will be “Senescence vs. Dementia” on Monday, May 2, at 6:30 PM. Contact Deanna Wilson for more details.

Push Forward Conference

Push Forward Conference
A great event for people living with spinal cord injuries, the AZSCIA Push Forward Conference, was held in Phoenix on Friday March 11, 2016. Right at Home was there to provide educational materials on care-giving resources in the community.

Blazing the Trail

Dr. NightingaleIndustry leaders Right at Home and Silverado Memory Care Community teamed up with Serenity Hospice to bring Dr. Daniel Nightingale, innovative international groundbreaker in dementia treatment, to our Peoria, Arizona community on Thursday, March 10. The Living Well with Dementia Support Program, created by Deanna Wilson, Marketing Director For Right at Home of Northwest Phoenix and Dr. Nightingale of Dementia Therapy Specialists, is being offered free to the public in three locations.

 “We’ll definitely be back,” and, “I can’t wait for the next one,” said attendees after the first lecture in the series of six scheduled monthly from March to August.

Desert Winds Open House & Vendor Fair

Desert Winds Independent Living in Peoria, AZ held an Open House & Vendor Fair for their residents and the community at large on Wed., Feb. 10. This Valentine's Day-themed event had a great turn-out, especially the Right at Home table with free red, pink, and white teddy bears for everyone!
Desert Winds Desert Winds Open House

Spring Into Health and Wellness

Spring Into Health Banner Boswell
The Banner Boswell Spring into Health & Wellness Event was a great opportunity to share Right at Homes' great service & values and promote our new Dementia Support Programs to over 200 people!
Banner Boswell Spring Into Wellness

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