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Here are just a couple of testimonials from our caregivers on the Right at Home team who work hard to "Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve."

From our Caregivers: 

"I chose to work for them because there was a job opportunity available. My supervisor goes over everything I need to know and if I have any questions I can always call. They consider my needs and preferences when assigning me to a client. The office staff has been very helpful when guiding me to places I need to go for them. They understand my needs and what I can handle. If I am every overwhelmed they will accommodate to my needs." - Anonymous
"They are reliable and honest. Training was beneficial in making sure that I could help care for the clients. They try to match personality and skill to the needs of the clients. I feel like they hire quality people to be in the office. They have employee of the month, and they are always kind and appreciative. Every couple of weeks, the office will call me to seek help with coverage. They also call to make sure that I get the hours that I worked. They look at my skills and personality when matching me to clients." - Anonymous
"They're really cool. I don't have any problems with them and the people there are really nice. They explain the client's needs to me immediately. They send me a worksheet or a daily log with the client's needs. I'm comfortable with them because they're down-to-earth, good people " - Anonymous
"I like that they are flexible and they are very responsive if I call or text. I also love everybody at the office. We have written notes about my shifts and we are informed by either phone or by text, but they always have a paper copy on hand. I am a valued employee; I am flexible, and willing to go the extra step for something. I have been with Right at Home for a while and they award caregivers of the month. They awarded me with a certificate and bonus for employee of the month. From time to time they also do recognition lunches for the employees. I know everybody on a first name basis and they are very responsive. They have done a really good job with me; they look at my personality and activity level. I would always refer someone because of my experience with Right at Home. I am so glad I went with them instead of another company. I am glad to go to work every day. I love my job. " - Anonymous
""Right at Home always gives me clients. The training was a lot of common sense. They understand me, they are nice, and they work with my schedule. The office will call me once to twice a week. I feel good about being a caregiver." - Anonymous
"I would tell a friend that Right at Home is a good company to work for because they work well with you and they stand by their employees." - Anonymous
"I like the fact that they are very good at training. They made sure I knew what I was talking about and that I knew what I was doing. I've never had a problem, but I know the client better than they do. They've never told me I'm doing anything wrong. They are very nice and understand the situation I have, while still treating me fairly. They are very good. They know who I am and they remember things I tell them about my clients. They are attentive. I would refer someone because they seem to be very organized. They obviously talk amongst themselves. It makes me feel good." - Anonymous
"I like the sincerity and care that Right at Home shows, the owners are very nice people. The training was able to help me understand what to do in certain situations. I am given the client’s age, background any illnesses and what the client wants and emergency contact information. Management is very attentive to me and my work. I have never been criticized by management, they know I am doing my very best. I appreciate that the office is friendly they will listen and will respond to my questions. I felt that I know who my clients are, and they are like my friend. I would definitely recommend people to Right at Home. They are a well organized company. I feel I can help people best by being a Right at Home caregiver.." - Anonymous

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