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Right at Home Northwest Pittsburgh Employee Incentive Programs

100 by 100 Program

If you refer a friend to come and work for us and they are hired, after they have worked for 100 hours, you receive $100.

*Referral must be noted at time of hiring

Sign on Bonus

We offer a sign on bonus for new caregivers hired after 4/1/17. One half of the bonus will be awarded after you have completed 60 working days, the other half will be awarded upon the completion of 120 working days.

*Working days are defined as days during which you have a scheduled shift that you complete
*New caregivers are defined as employees who have not worked for Right at Home North Pittsburgh in the past

Caregiver Awards

Here at Right at Home Northern Pittsburgh, we believe that in order to run a successful business we have two key areas of focus; our clients and our employees. In order to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our valued caregivers, we have created a reward program to recognize their efforts. This program has 4 levels of awards that our caregivers may receive in recognition of their exemplary levels of achievement.

staff lunch

We also host an employee luncheon every month!

Award Winners

Level 1 - Attendance Award

All caregivers are eligible for this award on a monthly basis. Each month that you report to all of your scheduled shifts on time and provide the required 2 weeks’ notice in writing to request time off, you will receive a $5 gift card. You must clock in and out via telephony when you arrive and depart for the client’s home.

Level 2- Compliance Award

All caregivers who are compliant with company requirements (all documents must be up to date with the office staff prior to drawing) are entered into a drawing every quarter to win a $20 gift card.

Following are the annual requirements to maintain compliance:we are hiring 220

  • PPD
  • Physical
  • 12 hours continuing education training (1 hour per month)
  • On-site drivers license (*if driving clients)
  • Current car insurance (*if driving clients)
  • CPR certification
  • Hepatitis B vaccination or signed form

Level 3- Caregiver of the Month Award

All caregivers who have attained perfect attendance for the month and are in full compliance with Agency requirements for the month are eligible to receive this award on a monthly basis. The Caregiver of the Month award is given to the caregiver who works with the office staff and other caregivers to provide great customer service above and beyond their regular duties. The caregiver of the month award will be selected by the office manager, will be awarded a $20 gift card, will have their picture posted online as well as in the office recognizing their hard work and dedication.

Level 4- Right at Home Northern Pittsburgh Ambassador Award

Caregivers who are awarded the Caregiver of the month award will be eligible to be nominated for the Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year Award. Out of the 12 Caregiver of the Month recipients’, one will be chosen by the office staff as the RAHNPGH Ambassador to be submitted for the National Caregiver Award contest. The winner of the National Caregiver of the Year Award is awarded $5,000.

Caregivers may receive only one award in any given month. The award will be for the highest level achieved for the month.
Winners will be announced at the monthly employee lunch and will be posted in the office, on our website and on our facebook page.
Winners may pick up their gift card from the office.

Employee Training

safety meeting

We are committed to employee training, our safety committee provides training to our caregivers and staff members.

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