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Moving Day

The Northwest Suburban Chicago office of Right at Home is a proud sponsor of the National Parkinson Foundation's Moving Day Event held in Lincoln Park. Our team participates in this event every year, which unites families and friends,and raises money to support research on Parkinson's disease.

Moving Day Walkers

Why is it called Moving Day?

Parkinson's disease affects the brain cells that control movement and coordination. As the disease progresses, tremors, stiffness, balance issues, and cognitive changes make everyday tasks more difficult. While there is no cure for the disease, regular daily movement has been shown to provide some relief of symptoms. The National Parkinson Foundation strives to make Moving Day a symbol of hope for those who are struggling with movement in their daily lives.

Join Our Team!

We are a proud Hope Sponsor of Moving Day in Lincoln Park.  To join our team visit our Moving Day page.

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