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Join Jeanette Palmer, Jim Wojciechowski and Kathy Wetters every Tuesday at 9:30 AM for an enlightening and engaging program discussing various topics to help you and your family prepare for the Golden Years. We're taking your questions and visiting with experts about a wide range of topics important to today's seniors.

Each week, we will go in-depth on topics important to you. From finance and legal topics, to technology and healthy living tips, we will cover it all. If you miss a show, don't worry; you can hear recordings from our previous shows posted right here each week following our broadcast.

Current Episode 

Marti Hannon, founder of World Changer Consulting 

Marti Hannon World Changer Consulting

Points of Interest

  • Mission of World Changer Consulting and Academy
  • Change in direction for organization
  • Family Caregiver Stress
  • Caringiving.com Affiliation
  • Memory Engagement Techniques
  • Activity Engagement
  • Wellness Engagement Techniques


World Changer Consulting core purpose is to bring awareness and ignite passion for being intentional in the way care is being provided and communication is carried out.

They stand beside you, your family, and professional care teams.

Providing: education, insight, encouragement, guidance, and supplies.

They are Certified Caregiver Consultants, certified by caregiving.com, Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, licensed to carry out BCAT testing, Ageless Grace Educators, and Aroma Techniques.

Website: world-changer-consulting.myshopify.com/
Phone: 312-301-1140
Address: 500 East 31st Street Brookfield, Illinois 60526


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Marti Hannon

Marti is the founder of World Changer Consulting
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