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Mavis’s working daughter needed some extra care for her mother with dementia

Sally needed help. The care needs for 93-year mother, Mavis, were increasing due to her advancing state of dementia. For the past several years, Sally and her brothers were able to provide caregivers to assist Mavis to remain in her own home back east. As Mavis’s confused state worsened, she developed anxiety attacks and would constantly accuse her caregivers of stealing items that she had misplaced.

Several times a year, Sally would have to fly back east – an all day affair – to comfort her mother and to sort out what was truth and what was fiction due to Mavis’s dementia. Sally had a full-time career that was being put on intermittent pauses at an increasing rate. Still, she managed to manage the caregivers from afar and would take the long trips back whenever situations would erupt.

Mavis’s neighbors became increasingly concerned over her health and safety. Sally too, had noticed her mother had become more and more isolated in her own home as her conditioned worsened. To make matters worse, her mother thought she was ‘perfectly fine’ and was annoyed with having caregivers in her house when she ‘did not need any help.’ The final straw was when Mavis fell and broke her pelvis getting out of bed. She had refused to call the caregiver for assistance since ‘she did not need any help.”

Sally and her brothers decide that an Assisted living community near Sally’s home in Bellingham would be a safer and more cognitively stimulating environment for Mavis. With this new arrangement, Sally is now able to visit with her mother a couple of times a week after work and bring her to her own house on weekends from time to time. Right at Home caregivers spends some extra TLC time with Mavis to make up for the time that Sally can’t be there.

Right at Home Bellingham, WA provides Family Respite services:

  • Basic companionship
  • Safety and Supervision
  • Cognitive Stimulation
  • Help with hobbies/crafts
  • Standby assist with walking
  • Medication reminders
  • Grooming & Dressing
  • Personal Hygiene
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