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Feedback from our clients and caregivers 

"They're reliable, honest, and ethical, and their employees are outstanding. I love the services, and I love my caregivers."

- Leslie B.

"They have been very good. I like that they have kept their promises, and it is everything that we hoped it would be."

- Gail Q.

"We trust them, and it takes off a lot of anxiety knowing that my mother is in good hands. They answer their phone. I can talk to a person and they get back to me. They're thorough and helpful."

- Cheryl M.

"They were very caring and understanding of my mom and her needs. The caregivers were outstanding. They not only gave great care, but they were very social with my mom. They were like friends to us, so it was a relief to us to have them there."

- Mike L.

"I like that they are very personable. They call me if my loved one needs anything, and my mother-in-law enjoys their compassion and care."

- Geraldine T.

"It's just a bad situation for everybody because I only have one eye. It's made my life much better. The girls are very efficient, and they do their work well."

- Floyd M.

"They are incredibly responsive, and they do a good job at vetting people. My dad's wish was to die at home, and without using Right at Home, it would not have been possible."

- Nancy N.

"I like the caliber of people that I have seen so far. The caregivers are efficient and on time. They are matching the employee's skills with what we need. They are matched very well. The caregiver is so careful with him and takes such good care of him. She is very confident, which helps him out as well."

- William O.

"In times when I've needed to cancel, they were understanding. They make concessions for me when it's hard to make appointments."

- Kay O.

"They see that I get my bath, help me get dressed, and help clean up the house, which is a big help to my wife. They are a lot of help. My family is happy! Both my wife and I seem to get along well with the caregiver, which hasn't always been the case with other agencies. "

- Kenneth W.

"I have worked for RAH for just over 1 year now, and they are a fantastic company to work for, they truly care about their employees, and their clients. Thanks Steve and Sharon, and thanks to the office staff for always being there for me as well."

- Trudy F.

"If you have participated in the Virtual Dementia Tour with Right at Home you need to a.s.a.p. I have been in health care my whole life and have worked in Memory Care for almost 11 years total and the VDT gave me a totally different perspective on Dementia. Thank you ladies for ALL you do."

- Dawn M.

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