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Our most recent Caregiver Satisfaction Survey Results

How our Care Associates rate us on a scale of 10:

1. How would you rate the training you received from Right at Home? 8.5

2. How would you rate the office support staff and the communication you receive from them? 8.8

3. How would you rate Right at Home’s ability to properly match you with a client? 9.1

4. How would you rate your employer's recognition of your accomplishments? 9.2

5. How likely are you to recommend working for Right at Home to a friend? 9.0

We appreciate the candid feedback we receive through these surveys. We also welcome direct feedback and solicit direct feedback during home visits, supervisory visits, check-in calls, in-service trainings, and performance reviews. We embrace feedback as a tool to help us improve. We aim to please and we won't stop trying until we score perfect 10s!

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