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A caregiver wearing a mask watches as her client plays the piano. A caregiver wearing a mask watches as her client plays the piano.

Thank You to All Our Caregivers Committed to Excellence

Caregivers are the heart and soul of Right at Home. We like to shine a spotlight on those whose compassion, compatibility, attendance, training, documentation, client loyalty, and commitment to improving the quality of life of those we serve are top notch. Caregiver recognition is important to us because of the hard work caregivers do every day. They are the outside representatives to our company. Caregivers play an important role in our clients daily lives and without them we would not exist as an agency. When someone does a great job they deserve to get recognized for their efforts. Who knows, maybe a career as a caregiver is right for you!

Caregiver Spotlight — Jahneel Stewart

Caregiver Spotlight Jahneel Stewart

Jan is professionalism all the way! She has great skills and true compassion for her clients. Jan is completely dedicated to the caregiving profession. She has recently become a Certified Nursing Assistant and plans on attending nursing school. Jan has provided consistent care to all her clients and has definitely improved the quality of their lives. She is always willing to take on a challenge and truly figures it all out. We are grateful for Jan’s caregiving abilities and she deserves to be recognized for her great work!

Thank you Jahneel for all that you do!

Caregiver Spotlight — Lisa Brown

Caregiver Spotlight Lisa Brown

Lisa is a wonderful and very skilled caregiver. She has been in this career for 28 years. Over the last 5 years Lisa has taken care of many of our clients. She is a true team player. Lisa has never refused a shift and is extremely reliable. one of her many gifts is her compassion. She has improved the lives of many of our clients with her smile, care, and reliability. Lisa goes above and beyond for her clients and is still close with some of her clients that no longer need care.

Thank you Lisa for all that you do!

Caregiver Spotlight — Deja Taylor

Caregiver Spotlight Deja Taylor

Deja has taken on several challenging clients. She is a true professional all the way. She has fit herself in to some cultures that are not her own. Deja is a caring and compassionate person. She is a Mom and she loves her clients. Deja has improved the quality of her clients lives.

Thank you Deja for all that you do!