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Every month we share the results of our client satisfaction surveys with our office staff. If direct comments were made on the survey, we discuss among the office staff what we need to improve to make things better. Our supervisory calls on the phone, and in person visits, are put in place to make sure your satisfaction is met and that there is not an issue that will fester and grow into larger ones.

The choice families and clients make to allow someone else to come into their home, can be an emotional one and sometimes transitions are not always smooth. We hope by the time you receive the Home Care Pulse survey call, you are ready to shout from the rooftops about the great care you are receiving. Right at Home Orland Park, IL has recieved The Best in Home Care Award two years in a row. This was an achievement only 60 agencies were awarded out of 1600 agencies in the country.

We are Right at Home of Orland Park proud !

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Read what our clients have to say:

"The communication is excellent, and if I have to call and get information, the office always lets me know." - Robert

"It's personable because they knew me and they asked me how everything was going." - Bell

"The caregiver helps him with the showering, assists him with the dressing, socializes with him, and prepares lunch for him, which gives me an opportunity to go out and do stuff."

"My life is easier because my parents are taken care of and I can go to work." - Norman

"I can tell Brandon cares just by the way he talks to my father, his tone of voice, his positive nature, and his attentiveness to him."

"Brandon makes sure that my father doesn't slip when he showers or goes to the bathroom. If I have clothes that need to go upstairs to my dad's bed, he'll take them upstairs." - Edward

"They are polite, on time, do what needs to be done, and are very professional." - Cleveland

"They show concern by the way they talk to my mother. They are absolutely wonderful people and make my mother's life better." - Norma

"She talks to my mother and soothes her if she gets upset..." - Millie

"I have never had any problems getting a hold of them, and the people that they send are nice, polite, cordial, and very helpful." - Bernadine


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