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Compassionate, Caring, and Responsible

Keeping our award winning status as Employer of Choice for the past few years is something we take very seriously and comes with great office communication, respect, proper training and appreciation.

Success of our caregivers in the home is so important to our agency. The moment you meet us you realize we are very approachable and care about our employees as a person. There are many obstacles that could happen in the home with our client and our office team provides support 24/7. 

As a new member of our team, our field supervisor will check on you either by phone or in person to be sure your home experience is going well. We will meet you at the client’s home for that first introduction and make sure you feel comfortable with punching in/out, understanding what is expected of you in the care plan. We want you to feel poised and confident with our clients. A happy caregiver makes happy clients!

We are always acknowledging a job well done through surprise post cards in the mail or maybe you can make it to our ‘Shining Star “board where accolades from our clients can find you a spot there. It’s sometimes usual to meet your coworkers in the field in home care. We make this happen at our annual Christmas Party where we share our appreciation with our caregivers with food, beverages and gifts.

We anticipate your application if you are a person who has a natural caring heart and has a great work ethic. If you would like to part of an award-winning team and be part of a culture that cares, we look forward to our journey together.

Employer of Choice 2017-2019

Read what our caregivers have to say:

"I like that their working hours are flexible, and the workers are kind."

"I am comfortable with my supervisors. They are comfortable talking to me. They listen to my problems and give solutions."

"They say thank you when I work for them"

"They call me and tell me about the client. Then, they tell me to meet them at the clients house. I like that."

"They appreciate what I do and how hard I work. They let me know what I do good."

"They make me want to get up and go to work everyday."

"Training helped me a lot. They have someone meet me at the client's house so I feel comfortable."

"If I don't know something or need help, they will always walk me through it."

"I would always refer someone to Right at Home because the staff is great, and they provide good caregivers."

"I'm proud of it working as a caregiver for Right at Home . Right at Home has a good reputation and they are well-thought of in the community."

"They hand out appreciation notations and give out birthday greetings and cards. They are good at recognizing me for what I can and have done."

"They send acknowledging text messages and hang up pictures of workers in the office."

"I would refer them because this company actually cares about what they are doing. They give back to the community.They make sure to give the best service."

"Training was thorough. I sat there and went through different modules and HIPPA. It was very educational. For a person not in a medical field they have a lot of knowledge and information to help those people feel secure as they go into a person's home."

"I would refer someone for a care giving position because it is a great place to work. They talk to me with respect."

"They match me based on the clients' needs and if I am available, and so they look at my schedule. They know us enough to say if it's a client we can handle or not."

"It is a blessing to be able to provide a service to a client and work with an agency that cares about people's needs and concerns."

"If I call them with a problem, they will solve it. They are always there for me and they call me back or answer the phone right away."

"They always try to match me with the right client. They look at my skills according to the what the client needs."

"They award me and send out cards, and sometimes they give me a raise."

"Right at Home is very family-oriented. They treat people like family rather than just an employee."

"The management takes my complaints and will do something about it. They will look into them rather than just ignore them."

"Right at Home is different than other agencies. They are more considerate of their staff and think of them as people"

"I would refer because the staff is easy-going and they give me the confidence to be able to do it. They give me a good understanding and they bring me into the family before I start working there and get me acclimated with the client and the family member that's also living there. They're with me the whole beginning and through the whole time I'm there asking questions and making sure I am comfortable."

"There's new people in the office that I don't really know. They seem friendly. When they reach out they are very nice and open to assist me."

"I would refer anyone that I thought would be suitable because I wouldn't refer just anybody. Right at Home is not the type of environment that is negative and not compassionate."

We are looking for compassionate, caring, and responsible people who want to make a difference in others' lives.

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