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Cost of Assisted Living vs. Home Care

You might be asking the question, "Will I be able to afford Senior Care for my Mom or Dad?"

Assisted Living Facility 

You may not know that many Assisted Living Facilities have tiered programs, meaning there are different levels of service and each tier costs more and more. As the resident’s needs go up so does the cost. According to Genworth Longterm Care study, the average cost of an assisted living in IL is $4,794 per month.

Rooms can be smaller studios or one bedroom apartments. Many don't consider that the transition of seniors into their new environment, especially those with dementia, can be a difficult one. Seniors are no longer surrounded by the home and belongings they have cherished through the years. 

Home Care

Instead of paying for room and board in an Assisted Living Facility, you receive a one on one professional, bonded and insured aide for however many hours you chose to receive.

The average monthly home care cost in Orland Park for 20 hours a week is $500 The average monthly cost for 40 hours a week is $1,000

With a customized home care plan, we can provide you care and let your senior stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home without an expensive or upsetting move.


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