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No More Wondering if Your Loved One Has Care That Day

We offer this state of the art technology to give our client’s and their families peace of mind and accountability for our caregivers as well.

How it Works

  1. Upon arrival or departure, the caregiver dials a toll-free number on the client’s phone
  2. The call is transmitted electronically to our office computer system and the clock in/out is verified.
  3. If a clock in/out is not received on time, office staff is notified, and the caregiver is called immediately
  4. With the departure clock out call, the caregiver must verify the tasks that day were completed. If specific tasks were not completed they must leave a summary and explain why. This information is also sent to the office staff. Office communication with the caregiver may be needed and with the family as well.  

Telephony Benefits to our clients

  • Free of charge to all Right at Home clients
  • Accountability that our caregivers know their punch in/out is being monitored to the minute and that their tasks must be completed
  • Our Care Coordinators know if a caregiver has not arrived on time 24hrs a day.
  • This is ideal for clients unable to sign a time sheet
  • Peace of mind to know that the caregiver was with the client and tasks had been completed


If you or a loved one is in need of care, contact us today.


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