Sharing a Caregiver's Story

We were recently honored to join one of our clients for an appearance on WKMG (CBS Affiliate) in Orlando for a segment about alternatives to nursing homes for people facing Alzheimer's Dementia. You can watch WKMG's video segment featuring Tony above.

Tony shared his personal story caring for his wife, and by doing so provided valuable perspective about the challenges family caregivers can confront when a change in their loved one's health results in increased needs for personal care and support.

His story highlighted some of the experiences shared by many families faced with their loved one's changing health, including:

  • Committing to keeping their loved one as comfortable as possible
  • Absorbing care instructions from healthcare providers
  • Creating and managing routines and schedules to manage their loved one's care
  • Dedicating increasing amounts of time and energy to caregiving tasks
  • Adapting to changes in their loved one's needs and conditions
  • Seeking additional support as the physical and emotional demands of caregiving grow

As the interview and corresponding article highlighted, all these changes can add up to a great deal of stress for families and caregivers as they experience growing demands of responding to their loved one's challenging health concerns, while at the same time managing their own health, well being and day to day responsibilities of maintaining a household.

As home care providers, it brings great satisfaction when our team is able to help families facing these challenges by listening to their needs and offering support, whether it be guidance towards community resources or a connecting them with the right help at home from experienced CNAs and non medical caregivers.

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