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Caregiver assisting senior during holidays

Celebrating Holidays with Seniors

The holiday season is a time where we will all soon be wrapped up in the holiday spirit, religious celebrations, gift giving, family gatherings, and too much food. Even though the holidays can be a joyous time it can also be overwhelming and confusing for our elder seniors.Plan ahead and make the most of the holiday season. Anticipate the needs of your elderly loved ones. 

Sharing a Caregiver's Story

Supporting family caregivers is one of the most fulfilling parts of operating a home care agency.  We recently participated in a story on WKMG featuring one of the many committed family caregivers we have been honored to get to know through our business. 

Travel Tips for Seniors

Traveling with seniors as a family caregiver does not need to be stressful.  Here are some tried and true travel tips for your loved one. 

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