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Preparing for Hospital Discharge 

After a medical procedure or illness, hospital discharge can be stressful. Whether the hospital visit was planned or unexpected, leaving the hospital and planning for recovery can feel overwhelming. 

At a moment when you and your loved ones may be tired, hungry, thirsty and perhaps not feeling your best for a variety of other reasons, you may be required to quickly make a large number of important decisions about your health and recovery process. 

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  • What medications will you need?
  • When and where can you pick up prescriptions?
  • Do you need to learn any special care instructions
    • How to change dressings?
    • How to use any new equipment or devices?
    • How to safely transfer from a bed to a chair?
  • Who do you call with questions later?
  • What change in condition should you expect? 
  • When and where will you have follow up appointments?
  • How are you going to get home?
  • When can you eat again? What are you going to eat?
  • What kind of help will you need as you recover?

Getting Help During Recovery from a Health Issue

Help from experienced caregivers can make the move from hospital to home easier. We offer home care services and transportation assistance to help patient and families as they move from one living situation to the next, and while they rest and recover in their next home. 

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Call us for more information regarding temporary care services and transitional care services.(407) 757-0981

Transitional Care Services in Orlando

Whether you or a loved one is recently discharged from a hospital, a rehabilitation facility or a skilled nursing facility, our Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides can make the transition easier with supportive services, with the goal of reducing risks that could lead to hospital readmission. 

The care team at Right at Home Orlando offers the following services:

Communication with Healthcare Providers

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Our care team communicates with doctors and family on a regular basis to ensure that care plan is implemented to the exact specifications.

Regular In-Home Care Visits

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Our caregivers check in with patients to ensure their well-being and improvement on conditions.

Medication Reminders

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Improper use of medications is the main cause of a slow recovery. Our care team can ensure that patients are taking their medications accordingly to reduce medication non-compliance.

Transportation to Doctor Appointments

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Regular doctor visits are vital to recovery. If you or a loved one is unable to drive, Right at Home can arrange transportation to make sure that appointments are kept up with.

Meal Preparation

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Maintaining good nutrition is important to recovery. Our caregivers provide meal preparation to meet specific dietary requirements prescribed by doctors, including meal plans for patients with diabetes or congestive heart failure.

Light Housekeeping

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Our caregivers can relieve you or a loved one from daily chores including cleaning and grocery shopping.


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