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7 Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

Caregiving at long distances is a challenge. Caregiving is already difficult, time-consuming, and complicated when you want to care for a chronically ill loved one who lives in the same house or area. But watching for them can bring more stress to your life if you happen to live far away from your elderly loved one, as it happens with long-distance caregiving.

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How Caregivers Can Cope with Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is a condition that causes emotional and physical exhaustion, and which reduces the ability to feel sympathy or compassion for others, also known as the negative cost of caring and sometimes referred to as secondary traumatic stress (STS). Burnout and secondary traumatic stress are two interweaving factors of compassion fatigue.

Difference between live-in home care and 24 hour home care


Palm Beach Senior Nonprofits and Charities

At Right at Home, we've chosen six Palm Beach elderly charities that focus on older adults, their needs, health, transportation, and resources to cope with everyday struggles to highlight.

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