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Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System
Published By Bruce Gropper on December 10, 2019

Benefits of Medical Alert Services for Seniors in Palm Beach Gardens

Studies and statistics show that the number of American citizens over the age of 65 is expected to double from 46 million to over 98 million by 2060, representing nearly 23% of the total population.

It is known that older people are vulnerable individuals, and most of them suffer chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and more. All of these conditions are associated with an increased risk of falling and emergencies that end up in ER visits.

This is why taking care of an aging patient or loved one should include managing the symptoms and preventing complications from chronic conditions, in order to keep seniors’ well-being and safety, but what can you do in order to prevent these kind of emergencies?

Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS)

Personal Emergency Response Services also called Medical Alert Services are systems that provide seniors communication and a quick access to response in case of any emergency orhelp they need. This alert service provides 24/7 access to professional care specialists who can help you or your loved one in any situation just by pressing a button. As soon as you or your loved one presses the Lifeline help button, or a fall is detected, you are connected to a professionally staffed Response Center.

How Does Medical Alert Services work?

In situations such as falls which can lead to broken bones or even trouble breathing and chest pain, patients can use their device by pressing a button that can be worn as a necklace, pendant or a wrist strap. This button is paired with an in-home Communicator which acts as a speakerphone for two-way voice communication.

As soon as they press this button, a signal is transmitted to a response center representative who is responsible for contacting the help requested by the patient. The response associate will dispatch the help they need by notifying a neighbor, family member or emergency services, while maintaining communication and following up seniors to ensure their safety and confirm the arrival of help.

PERS devices also include sensors that detect falls, making sure that the patient is getting help by signaling an automatic alert in case they can’t move, breath, talk or press the button.

We at Right At Home understand the importance of working with technology and tools that integrates more safety for you and your loved ones, that’s why we work with Philips LifelineMedical Alert Systems, to provide seniors the right response and care at the right time.

Benefits of Using Philips Medical Alert Devices

By purchasing and using Philips Lifeline Medical Alert devices you get some great benefits like:

  • Reduce risk of falling-related injuries, hospital visits, costs, and mortality.
  • Support to patients with chronic conditions.
  • Provides a personalized care plan, so you or your loved one can choose who responds to a call for help.
  • It’s a system that fits every lifestyle, with no long-term contract or cancellation fees.
  • Provides a tool that connects your family and friends to support caregiving

About the Author

About the Author

Judy and Bruce Gropper have been married for over 30 years and bring that same passion and love for each other to their community. They are the owners of Right At Home Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, serving the communities of Boynton Beach, Greenacres, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Riviera Beach, Wellington.

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