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Grocery delivery during pandemic
Published By Bruce Gropper on April 21, 2020

Why Use a Delivery Service Today?

Due to the protective measures against the COVID-19 virus, Palm Beach Gardens, FL residents are staying out of the supermarkets, depending instead on delivery services and online shopping. Since staying at least six feet away from other people lessens your chances of catching COVID-19, people are practicing social distancing to avoid spreading the illness.

It’s because of these social distancing measures that, since the pandemic erupted, home delivery of groceries, medications and other emergency supplies has seen a big increase in both online sales and in-store sales, and Right At Home wants to help you deliver all these necessities to your senior loved ones.

Right At Home Delivers What You Need

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending stronger precautions for seniors and people with chronic conditions such as heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, which are sadly very common among the senior population.

Seniors are at higher risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 and should take everyday precautions to keep space between themselves and others, avoiding crowds as much as possible. However, they still need to have their groceries delivered and their medications resupplied.

With Right at Home Delivery service you can choose the store you want your groceries or medications from. We will get your order directly to your home. We will be conducting non-contact delivery. Groceries and all other deliveries will be dropped at your doorstep, in the lobby of your building, or in another designated area. Other advantages of Right at Home Delivery services include the ability to set a delivery time.

Grocery Delivery Services For Seniors

  • Here's how our grocery delivery service works: Contact us at (561) 440-2273 and let us know you need, we will send a form where you can list the products you want to get delivered. Once the form is filled we will get back to you providing the information of the person that will deliver your items.
  • Residents in cities like Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and surroundings can enjoy Right At Home delivery service for all of their necessities such as groceries and medications. You can have your products delivered right to your home.

Groceries Needed During a Pandemic

It is advised to make nutrition a priority, when it comes to online shopping during these extraordinary times, making a healthy grocery shopping list is essential in order to maintain our immune system.

Here are some healthy choices that are nutritious and versatile too. They can be eaten solo, combined with other ingredients, or used as the base for several recipes.

  • Beans and legumes
  • Canned fish
  • Nut butters
  • Whole-wheat and bean pastas, quinoa and brown rice
  • Steel-cut oats
  • High-fiber cereal
  • Canned, sugar-free fruits and vegetables
  • Dried fruit, popcorn and yes, chocolate
  • Water, shelf-stable milk and coffee
  • Additional fruits and vegetables

Medical Supplies Delivery Service

We care about our elderly clients and their families. We know that sometimes it’s not safe or convenient for you to drive and pick up your own medication. For your convenience, we offer a medicine delivery service, which includes other emergency and medical supplies.

Delivery of prescriptions and their availability may be subject to insurance regulations, state and federal laws. Please make sure that your prescription is not regulated by local or state laws.

Emergency supplies delivery service

You can order everything you need to ensure you and your family are prepared for any emergency. We can deliver different emergency preparedness items including survival kits, survival gear, emergency food, and water, plus emergency supplies.

What Emergency Supplies Are Delivered?

Every home needs to be prepared with a Home Medical Supplies list that covers all the basics. If you don’t have them already, these are the ones that you will want to include in your first order for delivery:

  • Aid Survival Kit
  • Emergency supplies for minor injuries
  • Dental hygiene kit
  • Feminine hygiene, menstruation, and pregnancy supplies

Right at Home will be taking extreme precautions to avoid spreading the COVID virus by leaving all the groceries and other delivery items at all recipients' doors, and will not be making direct contact with you. As such, we suggest that you are able to pay the delivery fee electronically to eliminate the need of contact completely. The Right At Home staff has been working very hard to ensure that we continue to provide the safest delivery experience available to help support and protect our community from the spread of COVID-19.

For more information on how Right at Home Delivery ensures that every delivery is in happy, healthy hands call us at (561) 282-6106.

About the Author

About the Author

Judy and Bruce Gropper have been married for over 30 years and bring that same passion and love for each other to their community. They are the owners of Right At Home Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, serving the communities of Boynton Beach, Greenacres, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Riviera Beach, Wellington.

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