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Elderly man bathing
Published By Bruce Gropper on April 22, 2019

Acting fast

The burden typically falls on the family to acknowledge the signs that associate with aging parents. Hence they may want to facilitate daily living tasks. Poor personal hygiene may be common and sometimes the primary sign that a parent might need some help.

This doesn’t essentially mean that your beloved should go into assisted living or a nursing home however, they'll want some further facilitate in their home setting.

A Place for mother professional and geriatric scientist, Dr. Melissa Henston, notes:

Aging folks and their kids are typically in denial that there's a problem till they notice things out of the norm within the everyday living setting. Poor personal hygiene may be a sign that something is not going well. Daily living tasks and personal hygiene habits sometimes get difficult to perform as we age. Thus it’s vital for relatives and darling ones to address the matter once this happens. Whether or not it's tough or painful. The issues won't escape and typically have to be self-addressed in a very timely manner. Bathing and grooming are amongst the roles several caregivers have to assume.

If you have assumed the caregiver role and desire some steerage on elder grooming and good personal hygiene, here are some tips that could build the expertise a touch easier.


1. Have Open spoken communication

Relying on others to assist them, clean and groom their bodies may be mortifying for several seniors. If all else fails, you will have to get a doctor’s prescription that enforces showering every few days.

  • Do they have a loved one to assist?
  • Do they have a nurse or caregiver to come back to the house to assist?
  • Do they have somebody of the identical or lady to assist them shower or shave?

2. Incorporate Their Regular Routines as much as possible

If your senior parent typically bathes in the morning or at nighttime, attempt to follow their regular routine. If they need specific merchandise, sponges or washcloths, attempt to incorporate their favorites.

3. Defend consumer goods with Plastic Apron

To help you keep dry, wear a protecting plastic apron.

4. Install Handrails and build Handicap Accessible, if Necessary

If your aging parent has poor balance or can’t stand for long periods of time, you will have to make the shower or bathtub handicap accessible with bars, stools or door openings. A hand-held shower sprayer will make the process a touch easier. To regulate the cleanup and eliminate mess, you will want the following:

  • Grab bars
  • Non-slip adhesives on bath/shower floor
  • Shower door gap
  • Shower stool or bathtub bench

5. Have Everything prepared Before Bathing

Before you start the showering process, have clean clothes, sponges, towels, washcloths, shampoo, soap, and water prepared. Liquid soaps are easier for quicker bathing as they will simply be pumped up into the face cloth or bathing queer or sponge. It’s vital to notice that bar soaps may be slippery and a lot more dangerous than soap.

6. Permit Senior to carry a Towel Around His/Her Body

Modest seniors might feel better holding towels around their non-public areas throughout the process. In fact the towels have to be worked around to wash those areas, however, you'll develop a routine that works for you and your beloved.

7. Clean underneath Skin Folds

Skin folds are wherever microorganisms grow, thus it’s vital to wash underneath each fold and wrinkle. This includes breasts, neck, abdomen folds and sex organs, preventing the spread of bacteria. These areas will have to be dried with a towel later to avoid flora infections.

8. Rinse completely

Make sure to spray all the soap off the senior in order that their skin doesn’t get too dry or agitated from the soap. Again, a hand-held shower attachment can facilitate with this method.

9. Pat Dry and Apply Moisturizer

Skin becomes a lot more sensitive with age, thus it’s vital to pat dry rather than rubbing with a towel. Applying a moisturizer will facilitate and may even be a touch therapeutic for your senior beloved if you gently massage it into their skin.

10. Solely Bathe each Few Days

As mentioned before, bathing daily isn’t necessary and can solely make skin drier and may be too exhausting for each senior and caregiver.

Maintain alternative Hygiene

In addition to bathing, maintaining dental hygiene and shaving is additionally vital for good health. Senior citizens have to see their dentists every six months, looking after their medical conditions. Dentures ought to be checked often for correct match, and gums have to be checked for gum sickness or cancer.

Here are other things to apply to stay up your senior’s hygiene:

  • Introduce electronic toothbrush for a lot of ease and effectiveness with toothbrushing
  • Attach the toothbrush to the senior’s hand with a good elastic to assist them hold, if necessary
  • Clean mouth with swabs designed for oral hygiene
  • Consult doctor on what toothbrush and dentifrice ought to be used as some senior’s can’t use bound forms of toothpaste
  • Brush their teeth morning and night, if necessary
  • For shaving, rent knowledgeable, if possible. As an example, taking dad to the barber will offer not solely a decent shave, however conjointly a fun outing. If you would like to shave mom’s legs or underneath her armpits, that isn’t perpetually necessary unless the senior needs to.

About the Author

About the Author

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