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After Surgery Recovery for Seniors

Surgery is a major procedure that can be really hard on anyone, especially for seniors. Elderly patients are vulnerable individuals who are exposed to many risks and health complications while having a slow healing process and a long recovery. That’s why seniors should always get the appropriate care after any surgery in order to promote good results and a faster recovery.

Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens caregiver smiling next to smiling senior client

Home Care Services in Palm Beach Gardens How Does Home Care Work?

Right at Home's in-home care consists of a variety of services provided by a prepared caregiver, who’s going to your home to help you with your chores and other special needs you may have, while offering their companionship and time

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How to Become a Resilient Caregiver

The ability to manage adversity is inside everybody, but it can vary its levels from one person to another, no matter the magnitude of the events or the feelings that they generate. Fortunately, resilience is a skill that can be strengthened and even cultivated by practice.

Moving Day 2019

Parkinson’s Moving Day - Right At Home Palm Beach Gardens

Moving Day is a fundraising walk event, annually hosted by the Parkinson’s Foundation. This event is the first nationwide campaign that brings awareness of this condition on a national level and gives the chance to raise funds through fun and collective activities that unites families, friends and communities in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

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Elderly Care - Special Care Situations

Senior adult special care needs some cooperation between health care professionals, family members, and caregivers, that is the main reason why you and your loved ones must be prepared and informed about the most common special care conditions in seniors:

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Making Senior Housing Decisions: The Right Option for You

There is a variety of services and senior housing types, including traditional and non traditional options. The categories of senior housing differ according to the amount of care provided for activities of daily living and for medical care.

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Assistance with Long Term Care Insurance

Needs like personalized in-home health care, skilled nursing and assisted living for seniors, are not covered by Medicaid, Medicare or any other health insurance by being considered non-medical services.

That’s why investing in a long-term care insurance (LTCI) is a great way to prepare for the future of your loved ones, and keep some peace of mind for you and your family knowing that they will be in good hands as they age.

How Seniors Can Prepare for Hurricanes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

We are heading into the most intense part of Florida’s weather. Hurricanes. It’s hard enough for younger individuals to prepare, and evacuate when a hurricane is on the horizon. But, imagine the different complications that could arise for your senior loved one. But, with a little planning, seniors and their loved ones can be better prepared. So, keep reading to find out the top 5 ways how seniors can prepare for Hurricanes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

senior falling in the home

Fall Prevention in Seniors: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

As your loved ones get older, they are a greater risk of falls. There are several reasons that they could be at risk, such as difficulties with balance, medical conditions, vitamin deficiencies, side effects from medication, environmental issues, and more. If your loved one is at risk, they should take specific measures to reduce the risk of further injury. So, keep reading to learn the top 5 senior homecare tips for fall prevention in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Caregiver helping senior in wheelchair

Respite Care vs Hospice in Boynton Beach, Florida

When it comes to our loved ones, we want what is best for them. Whether it’s in-home health care, respite care, or hospice care, we want to make sure it suits their needs. But, what is respite care and hospice? Keep reading to find out the difference between Respite care vs Hospice in Boynton Beach, Florida.

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