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Alzheimer’s Home Care Services

Alzheimer’s Home Care Services are specially designed to provide your loved one the care, comfort and independence they need in their daily routine while maintaining a familiar environment. Our caregivers at Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens are trained and qualified to deal with all the stages, symptoms and issues in Alzheimer’s patients ensuring the calm and well-being that you and your loved one need.

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Senior Care
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Autism Home Care Services

In home care services provide opportunities for people with Autism to acquire new skills and gain independence within the comfort of their own home. This type of assistance can help patients with Autism cope with social and behavioral issues that affect their emotional development and well-being. Here at Right At Home Palm Beach Gardens you can get the company and support from our qualified caregivers in order to make you and your loved one feel in good hands.

Down Syndrome Care Plan

Here at Right At Home Palm Beach Gardens, we recognize the importance of family for Down Syndrome individuals, for this reason, our care plans have a “family-centered” approach, which helps build independence while maintaining a familiar environment. Our goal is to assist families with a Down Syndrome loved one, and help them develop a healthier, and more socially connected life.

Providing Cognitive Disabilities Home Care Services in Palm Beach Gardens

Right At Home provides professional care services including personal care assistance, senior companionship care, and hygiene services:

Our caregivers can work with you to develop a specially geared home health care program that focuses on cognitive disabilities management.

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Find out more about home care Palm Beach Gardens and contact Right At Home at (561) 282-6106 to get started on your Custom Care Plan.

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Caring for a Loved One with Cognitive Disabilities

Henry taught high school and was a talented painter

Henry taught high school math for more than 40 years. For decades, Henry also painted large canvases of the local New England countryside. Upon retirement, he passionately concentrated on his hobby and became well regarded as a talented oil painter. He and Rita, his wife of 50 years, were living their dream.

Rita noticed changes in Henry's behavior

Then Rita noticed a difference in Henry. He would sit staring at his easel for long periods of time without painting. He seemed forgetful. He didn't have the sharp wit that made him a favorite with students throughout his teaching career. Rita took Henry to the doctor, who performed a series of tests. The doctor told Rita and Henry that he suspected Henry had Alzheimer's

Henry's cognitive functions declined rapidly. Rita became overwhelmed.

Rita couldn't keep up and soon became overwhelmed. She had difficulty dealing with the change in their relationship—from loving spouse to primary caregiver. She called Right at Home and was introduced to Shelly. While at Henry and Rita's house, Shelly takes over the most stressful tasks for Rita – like bathing and toilet assistance. She occasionally vacuums, dust and does the dishes. This gives Rita the time to get a break from her caregiving duties. She has lunch with her friends every week, goes shopping with a friend after church on Sundays and gets her hair done regularly. She also has the time and peace of mind to sit quietly with Henry, hold his hand and reminisce about their life together.

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