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When a Little Help is Needed to Recover

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Each month, Home Care Pulse, an independent satisfaction research company, conducts satisfaction surveys with our employees, asking them questions about their experience working with Right at Home Palm Beach. Thanks to outstanding feedback from our caregivers during interviews with Home Care Pulse, our local independently owned and operated Right at Home office won the Right at Home 2018 Southeast Region Caregiver Satisfaction Award, out of more than 50 other independently owned and operated Right at Home offices in the region. We are honored to receive

this award as it reflects our tremendous efforts to ensure that our caregivers receive the right training and supervision. Not only do we pride ourselves in providing excellent care, but we also make sure that our caregiver’s needs are met. Whether it is scheduling, continuous education opportunities, or caregiver support, we work hard to provide a great working experience.

Hattie is an active runner

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Hattie had always been active. She went for long runs years before jogging was popular. She had even hiked part of the Appalachian Trail. And she still chased her toddler grandson around the living room whenever her daughter and son-in-law were in town.

She noticed her hip worsen over time

But Hattie started to have hip pain that worsened with time. Her doctor suggested a hip replacement. Hattie didn’t hesitate.

Right at Home helped get her back on her feet

However, there was no one within driving distance who was able to help Hattie with her needs during her recovery. Hattie and her daughter consulted with Right at Home,

deciding to have a caregiver come to the house for the first three weeks after Hattie’s surgery. The procedure went off without a hitch and after a few weeks, Hattie was back on her feet and felt decades younger.

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