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Spotlighting Our Caregivers Who Go The Extra Mile!

Caregiver Spotlight - Armando

Right at Home Palm Beach Owner and Caregiver with Client

During Hurricane Irma, our caregiver, Armando, brought our client to his own home. He feared the client wouldn’t be able to get out in time and wanted to give him a comfortable place to stay while the storm passed. Armando made sure to pack extra supplies for his client and took care of him all the way through. He made sure the client was safe during the many tornado warnings, provided him comfort when he was scared, and stayed with him while he slept to make sure if he were woken up at night, he would be comforted by a familiar face. After Hurricane Irma passed, Armando stayed with the client until we contacted the client’s family to give them an update on his condition and assisted with transporting him home.

Caregiver Spotlight - William

Right at Home Palm Beach Caregiver with Client

Our caregiver, William, went above and beyond for two clients: a husband and wife couple. During the storm, William transported the clients to their cousin’s home for safety. Upon arriving at the home, they found out the home had already lost power. Many outages were reported throughout Palm Beach County and would be weeks before it was restored. William stayed with the clients through the storm and took care of both the husband and wife. He checked-in on them regularly and provided them with food, water, and comfort as the storm passed.

After the storm passed, they discovered a tree had fallen outside and many branches had flown and blocked the streets. When state officials said it was okay to go out, William stayed behind and helped clean up the streets. With the assistance of others in the neighborhood, William helped move the tree and removed any branches that would have made driving unsafe. Our office team made sure to report to city officials that a tree had fallen in the area and other hazardous conditions could be present.


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