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Palm Beach County Hurricane Tips for Seniors

As Hurricane Irma continues up the coast to Palm Beach County and all of Florida, bringing with it catastrophic damage including rainfall, flooding, and possible power outages, it's necessary to prepare before any damage is done. Below are some tips to ensure the safety of you and your senior parent:

1. Plan:

Planning before a hurricane hits is key to ensuring the safety of everyone. Make sure to create a list of people to contact before, during, and after the storm. It's also important to discuss where to go in case evacuation order is in place. For some seniors, shelters may not be the best option as they might not have the necessary equipment or resources to make sure your loved one is safety as the storm passes. During the planning stage, make sure to write down all the supplies you may need to last through the hurricane. It's recommended that you have at least a week or two worth of supplies, especially food, water, and medication. Other items include batteries, flashlight, emergency radio, and much more. Please review our Hurricane Supply Checklist for other possible items you may need.

2. Staying Home:

If you are choosing to stay home, make sure that your home is properly secure. Brace all windows and door openings. In addition, make sure to bring in all outside items that may be able to be lifted off the ground. Items such as a grill, lawn furniture, propane tanks, and any other item capable of being lifted. Doing so will ensure that your home doesn't get hit and sustain damage. Furthermore, make sure to designate a safe room in your home. A safe room is any room in your home with no windows or openings facing windows. Large interior closets, hallways, bathrooms, or stairwells make good safe rooms. In your safe room, make sure to stock all hurricane supplies needed to last through the storm.

3. Contact List:

Aside from friends, family, your doctor, and neighbors, it’s important to store the following list of numbers in your phone in case of an emergency:

  1. FPL Outage - (800) 468-8243
  2. AT&T Landline Repair - (877) 737-2478
  3. AT&T Business Repair - (866) 620-6900
  4. Elder Helpline - (800) 963-5337
  5. Crisis Helpline - 211
  6. Water Emergency Line - (877) 429-1294
  7. United Way Volunteers -(561) 375-6600
  8. Division of Consumer Services - (800) HELP-FLA
  9. Citizens Insurance - (888) 685-1555
  10. FEMA - (800) 621-3362
  11. Florida Department Financial Services - (800) 227-8676
  12. Tri-Rail - (800) 874-7245

4. Plan for Evacuation:

Planning for an evacuation order is vitally important. Due to the unpredictability of hurricanes, make sure to consider many locations during your evacuation. This can be to a friend's house, a relative's home, motel, or a shelter. It's important to keep a map in hand when choosing locations to go, as your route may change.

5. During/After the Storm:

During the storm, it's important to stay away from all windows until the storm has passed. Make sure you are tuned into the emergency radio to hear from weather officials on when the storm has officially passed. After the storm has passed, stay indoors until it has been cleared that it is safe outside to travel.


Need help during the storm?

Planning for a storm for your loved one can be difficult as there are many options to consider. Contact Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens at (561) 282-6106 and allow us to create an effective plan to ensure the safety of your senior parent. Our hurricane preparation plan determines evacuation routes, transportation needs, emergency supplies, how to reconnect in case of evacuation, and much more.

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