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Preparing for a Hurricane

In areas effected by hurricanes near Jupiter, Jupiter Inlet Colony, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens would like to provide you with the necessary information to ensure that you and your loved one remain safe. After previous devastating hurricanes like Hurricane Matthew, it’s vitally important that everyone stays up to date on what to do before, during, and after the storm.

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Before the Hurricane

Before the hurricane, it’s important that you and your family establish a plan. The plan can include who to contact in case of an emergency, where to go, who will be staying with who, and much more. It’s important to also take into consideration the needs of a senior loved one or someone who suffers from any kind of disability.

If you are taking care of an elderly loved one or senior with any kind of disability, contact us today at (561) 282-6106 and we can create an effective plan to ensure you and your loved one's safety. We work with you to create a plan to determine evacuation routes, transportation needs, emergency supplies, how to reconnect in case of evacuation, and much more.

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Staying Home

It’s important that you make sure that your home is covered and your windows and door openings are braced. This will ensure that debris doesn’t hit and damage your home. It’s important to also bring in any outside items such as a grill, lawn furniture, propane tanks, and other items that are capable of being lifted off the ground.

If your loved one may not be able to leave home, we work closely with you to make sure that your home is properly secure to withstand the passing storm. Our in-home caregivers and office team will assist with creating a safe room, moving any necessary medical equipment and supplies, and working with your physician to ensure we have everything needed to keep your loved one safe.

Safe Room

When at home, it’s important to have a safe room. A safe room is a room with no windows or openings facing windows. Large interior closets, hallways, bathrooms, or stairwells make good safe rooms. In the safe room, you should stock up on hurricane supplies such as batteries, water, emergency radios, sleeping bags, and the other items on our hurricane checklist. For seniors with special needs, it’s important to plan this safe room ahead of and take into consideration the items they may need. Hurricanes in Jupiter, Jupiter Inlet Colony, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens are known for ripping roofs off homes. In your safe room, make sure to have a mattress nearby to get under in case your home suffers structural damage.

Emergency Phone List

In case of emergency, it’s important to store the numbers below in your phone and make sure everyone has it.

  • Emergency Management - (561) 712-6400
  • TDD - (561) 712-6342
  • Red Cross - (561) 833-7711
  • Sheriff - (561) 688-3000
  • Building Dept - (561) 233-5000
  • Animal Control - (561) 233-1200
  • Victim Services - (561) 355-2418
  • FPL Outage - (800) 468-8243
  • Elder Helpline - (800) 963-5337
  • Crisis Helpline - 211
  • Water Emergency Line - (877) 429-1294
  • Division of Consumer Services - (800) HELP-FLA
  • FEMA - (800) 621-3362
  • Florida Department Financial Services - (800) 227-8676
  • Tri-Rail - (800) 874-7245

It’s important that all your loved ones also have the numbers of your friends, family, doctors, and neighbors.

Evacuation Plan

During strong hurricanes, all Floridians may be told to evacuate. It’s important to plan before being told so you know where to go. It’s important to have many locations in mind due to the random nature of storm tracks. This can be to a friend’s house, a relative’s home, a motel, or a shelter. Make sure to have the phone numbers of locations in hand. When told by the weather officials to evacuate, do so immediately. When driving by car, it’s important to remember that hurricanes are unpredictable and your previous plan may not work. Bring a road map with you so you can plan other routes to travel to your evacuation point.

If weather officials order an evacuation, our team will contact you immediately and begin the evacuation plan established during our preparation phase. We understand the stress of worrying if your mom or dad is okay during these storms and as a result, we make sure to check in with you before, during, and after the evacuation.

Shelter Locations in Palm Beach Gardens

During a hurricane, it is important to have a plan in place for seeking shelter in case of an emergency. Below is a list of designated shelter locations in Palm Beach Gardens:

Independence Middle School

Palm Beach Gardens High School

Dr Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School

Special Needs Sheltering in Palm Beach

Palm Beach County has established a Special Needs Program to provide for citizens with certain medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia during a major emergency. Learn more about Special Needs Program.

During the Storm

During a storm, it’s important to stay inside until it passes. Make sure to stay tuned to the radio to know when the storm has completely passed before going outside. Keep all doors, windows, and any other openings closed. This will protect you from flying objects and polluted air. If your home begins to suffer damage, stay in your safe room and cover yourself with a mattress.

During the storm, our caregivers work closely with your loved ones to ensure that they are mentally and physically okay. We understand storms often cause distress and scare seniors, especially those with serious medical issues. Our caregivers provide support and reassure that your loved one is safe and they are there to help, help take their mind off the storm by playing board games or reading to them, and much more.

After the Storm

It’s important to remain cautious after the storm. Please wait until weather officials say it is safe to leave your home. If your home has sustained damage, please move carefully.

After the storm, our team will contact you immediately to provide you with an update on how your loved one is doing and discuss how to reconnect when it is safe to do so. Our team will work closely to ensure that your transition back into your home is safe.


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