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Home Care Transportation

Transportation for seniors

We understand that getting around can be difficult for seniors. With Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens, our trained and licensed caregivers can provide transportation for elderly to the doctors, visit friends and family, or just a casual drive around Palm Beach Gardens.

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Travel Companion

Airport Travel

Our caregivers can also act as Travel Companions to assist families flying in and out of Palm Beach Gardens for family events, holiday trips, or vacation. Our caregivers can help with pick-ups, check-ins, baggage handling, medication reminders, and much more.

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Grocery Shopping Assistance and Delivery

Caregiver helping senior to shop

As mobility becomes limited with age, seniors find themselves having trouble getting groceries for a proper diet. With Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens, we can have our caregivers bring groceries to you or you can join them for a nice day out and the chance to socialize. In addition, Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens clients can enjoy a $49 membership (50% discount) through our partnership Shipt, a grocery delivery service that offers same day delivery.

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