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The Difference Between In-Home Care and 24 Hour Care

Home care can enable an adult to cope much more easily with their ever-changing circumstances. Typically, an older loved one will prefer to live at home rather than move to an unfamiliar environment.

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Parkinson’s Support Group in Palm Beach, FL

Support groups help seniors find other people with the same conditions as them. Learn why a Parkinson's Support Group is excellent for elderly patients.

What is a Long Term Insurance Claim?

Long term care insurance is a great way to prepare for your old-age, but how will you pay for it? These vital points will make sure you get the coverage. Slug: long-term-care-insurance-claims

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Alternative Medicine for Seniors in Palm Beach

Although alternative medicine doesn’t have enough research that proves it’s efficacy, it is very popular among elderly population. Most seniors chose these kind of complementary treatments because they are cheaper, more personalized and they have less side effects than conventional medicine. Some doctors may even recommend it as a complement for prescribed treatments and drugs. Nevertheless, it is crucial to talk to your doctor before you start taking any alternative therapy or medication even though it appears to be safe for the majority of people of all ages.