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Caregiver of the Month - Marie Cazile

Right at Home Palm Beach Senior Care June 2018 Caregiver of the Month

This month we are proud to honor our caregiver, Marie Cazile, for Caregiver of the Month for the month of June 2018. Ms. Cazile has been with us since late last year and has proven to exemplify our definition of RightCare. She is a passionate and dedicated caregiver with a bright and caring personality who works hard to provide high quality care to our clients.

Since she started, she has primarily worked with a client with Alzheimer’s disease. With her previous experience working with Alzheimer’s families, Ms. Cazile was the perfect fit. With our client, who is no longer able to verbally communicate, she has developed a relationship that allows her to understand the needs without being told. In addition, Ms. Cazile has developed a deep relationship with the spouse of the client who visits regularly. Not only does Ms. Cazile make sure that the client’s needs are met, she also provides emotional support and respite care for the spouse.

Caregiver Spotlight – Dorska

Dorska exemplifies the many values we at Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens hold. Her actions during Hurricane Irma were not only courageous and compassionate but selfless. Our client who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease lives in an assisted living facility. Hurricanes can be a traumatic experience for anyone, especially those with Alzheimer’s. Dorska, who gave up being with her own family during the storm, stayed with the client at the assisted living facility to take care of her. Dorska and our client already had a unique bond and she felt that it would be better for the client if she was there taking care of her. With the assistance of the other nurses at the facility, Dorska made sure our client got everything she needed and was comfortable throughout the storm. During a storm, people who suffer from any cognitive disorder can often become distressful and act out as a response. Dorska made sure our client was at ease and reminded her that she was there to take care of her and everything would be okay.

Caregiver Spotlight – Donnique

During Hurricane Irma, our caregiver, Donnique, took our client to a hotel for safety. Like many other places in Palm Beach County, the hotel lost power and would be days before it turned on. With the assistance of the hotel manager on-site, our caregiver got our client everything she needed to last through the storm. Due to the elevator shutting down, our caregiver had to walk in crowded stairs to attend to the client’s needs. In the hotel, Donnique entertained our client with stories and games to keep her mind off the storm and provided comfort when it got bad. Donnique made sure our client was away from all windows and coordinated a safe room when the dozens of tornado warnings were alerted.

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