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Transportation for seniors

Senior transportation is a vitally important to maintaining independence and health. Whether it is a follow-up doctor’s appointment, visiting friends or family, or just a casual outing, seniors need reliable transportation.

Public Transportation for Elderly

Public transportation provides many people the ability to travel where they want and when they want. It provides seniors a low costly, in some cases free, means of transportation. Public transportation includes city buses, trains, trolleybuses, subways, and ferries.

In Palm Beach County, a popular public transportation option is the Palm Tran. Under their “Seniors in Motion” program, seniors can enjoy easy and convenient transportation for only $1.00.

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs recommends using Find A Ride Florida, a service created by Florida Senior Safety Resource Center. It provides access to a growing database of transportation resources available in the area.

Private Transportation for Seniors

Although public transportation is a good option for seniors in good health, it does have limitations for seniors who might not be in the best medical and physical health. Getting to and from public transportation will require walking, in some cases in bad weather. Those with doctor’s appointment may also face some difficulty as they must plan their trip around the buses schedule.

With our private transportation services, seniors have the freedom to choose where they want to go, when they want to go. Seniors enjoy safe and reliable transportation with a trained and professional caregiver.

Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance Services

Studies have shown that some seniors miss doctor’s appointments or avoid making them because they do not have a way to get there. As part of our companionship and personal care services, our caregivers are all licensed and insured that obey all traffic laws and rules of the road.

Senior Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) offers seniors low cost transportation options when they don’t have direct access. NEMT programs were created due to growing unmet needs of those without a license, not having a working vehicle, or not being able to drive due to medical issues.

Non-Emergency vs Emergency Transportation

It’s important to note the difference between non-emergency and emergency transportation. Emergency transportation are used for severe medical symptoms or needs.

This may include a stroke or heart attack, traumatic injury, or due to a serious event such as a car accident. Non-emergency transportation is typically used for non-severe medical needs such as getting to a doctor’s appointment or picking up a prescription.

Right at Home Transport Program Powered by Lyft

We have joined Lyft to provide an easier solution for seniors on the go. Maintaining independence and mobility go hand in hand. Through our partnership with Lyft, an on-demand ridesharing service, we have expanded our range of services to offer affordable transportation.

How it works?

Our Rides at Home service is easy and simple:

  • Call our office to set up your ride
  • Arrange - tell us where you want to go, and we’ll make arrangements with Lyft
  • Pick Up - the Lyft driver will pick you up and take you to your destination
  • Save - rides are automatically charged to your invoice

With this option, seniors feel more empowered because they have the freedom to schedule rides whenever they want.

All Lyft drivers must pass rigorous background checks and vehicle inspections. For those who need room for a wheelchair or use a walker, we can request a driver with a safe and accessible vehicle. For extra security, our offices monitor the driver’s location at all times.

How Much Does It Cost?

Transportation cost vary based on pickup location and distance, type of non-medical assistance needed, whether a driver needs to wait, and other factors. We typically accept private pay, but some long-term care insurance providers may pay for transportation. Give us a call today to discuss your options.

If you have any questions about Right at Home senior citizen transportation and elderly medical transportation services, call us at (561) 440-2273 anytime!

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