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Published By Dan Fox on April 27, 2017

When to Seek In-Home Care

When it comes to preparing for in-home care there are three types of red flags for needing care.

  • Obvious & Sudden - Broken bones or accidents, such as falls. View the impact of fall prevention can have for seniors and elderly adults.
  • Admission to hospital for long period of time - Social workers or Case Managers notify patients of their discharge usually a few days before they return home. Often times people still require some level of in-home care after their discharge.
  • Slow deterioration - This often appears as general aging. There can be cognitive issues, beginning to struggle doing daily tasks, and an overall sense of slowing down.

In any of the three events acting quickly is important when looking for home care. Time is especially critical for longer hospital stays and slow deterioration. Our home care provides a customized care plan that allows for a care plan that is based on each seniors' or elderly adults needs.

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