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Helping You Navigate the Aging Journey

Since 1995, seniors have opened their doors to Right at Home to be their guide and keep them safe at home. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve, and we fulfill that mission through the 'right' people caring for your loved one, providing the 'right' services, and 'right' approach to ensure peace of mind. With Right at Home, seniors can age in the comfort of their homes. After all, home is the best place to be.

Caring for People Is What We Do Best

As a person begins to age, family members often feel the need to help with everyday tasks their loved one now finds challenging. It can be hard to tell when aging is affecting a family member, because small things can add up to a larger challenge incredibly fast. If this sounds like something your family is experiencing, you're not alone. Today, more than 34 million adults are providing care to a loved one over the age of 50.

Certified Dementia Live Provider

Dementia Live LogoRight at Home Pasadena is committed to excellence in training that supports persons living with dementia. As Authorized Providers of the Dementia Live® Program, we empower our caregivers, families and local community with a transformative, first-hand dementia experience which heightens understanding, deepens empathy and elevates care.

Don't Compromise with the Care of a Loved One

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We know you are busy raising your family, caring for an aging mother or father and balancing your career. Caregiving for a loved one can take its toll and change family dynamics. We know providing care for a loved one can become highly stressful – whether your loved one lives down the street or thousands of miles away.

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Services to help seniors age in place comfortably.

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Careers for non medical and companion caregivers.

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The Right Care from Right at Home Pasadena, TX

We understand your concerns when it comes to making decisions regarding your family. For many people, our in-home senior care is the best solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and loving relationships. Whether a family member needs a little extra help around the house, assistance

recovering from a hospital stay or someone to check in on them throughout the week, Right at Home Pasadena, TX can be the perfect solution. We customize our care services, so your loved one always gets the special care they need based on their individual needs. Discover how our many services can help improve your family's quality of life.

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Our Vision Statement 

Provide in-home care and assistance services to all our clients in a way that we are recognized as the highest quality and best-in-class provider organization in East Houston, South Houston, Galena Park, Pasadena and all our neighboring communities. We shall endeavor to be known as the most compassionate, state-of-the-art, cost effective and efficient care provider in our community.

Values and Principles Guiding Our Daily Operations

  • Value people and relationships
  • Operate with integrity
  • Drive Simplicity and results
  • Continually benchmark our quality of care with industry leaders and embrace continuous improvement
  • Be transparent
  • Be financially responsible
  • Embrace community
  • Develop and grow business
  • Support initiatives of industry and community organizations with financial and people resources

Adult Caregiving Guide

Adult Caregiving Guide

Are you an adult caregiver? You're not alone. We have put together a free guide to provide you with helpful tips and information about Adult Caregiving. Home Safety Checklist included! Download free guide below.

Download Adult Caregiving Guide

Fall Prevention Brochure

Fall Prevention Guide

Preventing falls can help prevent hospital readmission which can allow seniors to stay in their homes longer. We'd like to help keep your loved one safe. Find out more about fall prevention with our free guide!

Download Fall Prevention Guide

We provide home care and senior care in these areas:

Houston, South Houston, Pasadena, Galena Park, Deer Park, East Houston, Jacinto City, Seabrook

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