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Alzheimer's & Dementia Experts at Alz Cafe

We invite a variety of Alzheimer's and Dementia experts to present each month at Alz Café. Here are a few of the professionals who help us understand the terrible diseases we're all learning to live with. The experts that present come from varying backgrounds. Their difference in professions and experiences allow us to see Alzheimer's and dementia in a holistic approach. For a more complete list of our experts and topics they discuss visit the Alz Cafe Archives.

Dr. Carrie Horn, Licensed Psychologist

Assessing Alzheimer’s and the Most Appropriate Treatments

Dr. Horn is a licensed clinical psychologist located in South Pasadena. Her practice provides psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessments in the San Gabriel valley. She also collaborates with providers in the area. Her practice provides two primary services: neuropsychological assessments and therapy. Her approach to therapy is specific to individual neuropsychological testing and evaluations.

Dr. Mona Mikael, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Mona Mikael

Assessments for Better Diagnosis of Dementias, Including Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Mona Mikael is a licensed psychologist specializing in neuro-rehabilitation and brain injury assessment. She actively works with a range of clients including adolescents, young adults, military veterans, and seasoned adults who are struggling to cope with a wide range of emotional, acute, acquired, and degenerative cognitive conditions. She works closely with both the afflicted individual and their caregiver(s), along with an interdisciplinary team approach. Rehabilitation treatment includes goal oriented problem-solving, chronic pain management, vocational therapy, life transitions, family issues, environmental accommodation(s), and anxiety management.

Dr. Larry Schulte, Clinical Psychologist

Caregiver's Fatigue: How To Take Care of Yourself While Caring for Others.

Dr. Schulte has his Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a specialty in health psychology. He completed most of his pre-dcotoral training at Yale University School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry and also completed a Fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine where he specialized in consultation-liaison medicine with the Department of Cardiology and the Trauma Center. He returned to the group practice in Pasadena, The Center For Adult Development.

Dr. Schulte has been the facilitator for two Alzheimer's Support Groups at Mission Lodge in San Gabriel since 1985. His private practice is focused on working with older adults and caregiving issues. He also specializes in complicated bereavement (Parents of Murdered Children) as well as anxiety and depression.

John Danner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, USC

ADRC Brain Research Program Alzheimer's Brain Research

John Danner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with many years of experience in aging, disability, and dementia-related diseases. He is on the staff of the Memory and Aging Center at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California with a multidisciplinary research group working on dementia research projects. He directs the Brain Research Study, in the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center funded by the NIH. The study provides brain donations to discover the molecular and neurological basis for memory loss.

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