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Diet, exercise, and lifestyle affect so many aspects of our lives, our heart health being a major one. Our clients that face the complications of heart health can rest easy because of our knowledgeable staff’s extensive experience assisting in the challenges of cardiovascular health.

“After a heart attack, medication is probably the most important thing," says Dr. Gerald Fletcher, a Preventative Cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Florida. However, because of the cost of prescription drugs or a failure to take medication regularly, many seniors don't get the proper dosages – with serious consequences”, don’t let a lapse in medication, diet choices, or physical activity effect the outcome of your loved one’s health.

If you or your loved one has been provided with information on how to manage cardiac health upon hospital discharge, our caregivers will follow your doctor’s regimen in order to provide the support that urges favorable outcomes. Our caregivers can also help with My Cardiac Coach , supported by the American Heart Association in aiding seniors with information on hearth health, medication reminders, weight and blood pressure monitor, doctor’s appointment reminders, and much more.

The recovery time from a Heart Attack varies depending on each individual circumstance, which is why our care team makes an assessment with you for every step of care that your family needs. “Depending on the severity of the heart attack and the damage to the heart, recovery and return to everyday activities may be relatively quick. Some patients are able to go back to everyday activities one to three weeks following the heart attack. Others need more time to recover, either in a hospital setting or at home with family and nursing care”


Whatever the stage of recovery may be, we provide excellent care and compassion, Right at Home.


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