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Caregiver assisting senior with walking 

Most patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery, whether it was a joint replacement or a hip surgery, have required some type of assistance with activities such as household chores and shopping for more than a month after their surgery. One in seven Americans has an orthopedic impairment, and because of the prevalence of orthopedic surgery in the senior community, we provide special care and comfort to those seeking a rehabilitation that aides them in well-deserved independence.

Rebuilding self-reliance is a part of the recovery process that Right at Home is happy to help assist with. Given the nature of postoperative care, it is without a doubt that a helping hand improves the rate of improvement in the senior community. According to an article in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal, in the most common scenarios; “Patients first recovered their abilities to, without assistance, get out of a chair (median time to recovery, 7 days), go to the bathroom (7 days), walk (12 days), dress (14 days). Recovery of independence in bathing (21 days), food preparation (21 days), housework (49 days), and shopping (60 days) took longer”. Within that time of recovery, we will implement a care program catered to the needs of your loved one to assure their progress towards mobility. We are honored to help alleviate the burden of rehabilitation.

Care Testimonial:

We had tried several caregiving services, some recommended by the hospital after my mother had a broken hip. However, it was not until we began using Right at Home that we found a company that we felt comfortable with-C S. 9/21/2013 Yelp

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