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Cindie Caron February Caregiver of the Month

Cindie Caron

Our caregiver-client relationships are the heart of our work. We have the honor to employ caregivers who exceed the expectations we set, creating a relationship with clients that ushers comfort, reliability, and warmth.

One of our many exceptional caregivers, Cindie, is a proven example of Right Care. “I had been working as a medical assistant for 12 years, and needed a change of venue”, she explains, feeling like her work was so busy that it lacked the time for a personal touch, which is afforded with Right at Home’s in-home care.

Cindie stays connected with her clients by speaking to their common interests; “I have a client that loves history and archaeology and so do I, so we exchange what we’ve learned that particular week”. Building the connection between client and caregiver is something we focus on, making care personable and upbeat.

To Cindie, the difference is: “With homecare you are one-on-one with a client, you can hear them and see them in their home”, she adds that there is a mutual good-will associated with caregiving; “I have received so much back, I’ve been encouraged from who I am as a person”. With Right at Home, Cindie feels the compassionate change in the lives of those she serves, and in herself.

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