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November Alz Cafe Pasadena - Healthy Aging and Brain Health

Join us on Friday, November 8th for "Healthy Aging and Brain Health" with our guest speaker, Linda Loera, Alzheimer's Association Community Outreach Specialist

Grand Opening for Right at Home Office in Covina

Join us for the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Right at Home Office in Covina on Thursday, June 13th.

March Alz Cafe Pasadena - Senior Housing and Healthcare Options

Join us on Friday, March 8th for "Senior Housing and Healthcare Options" with our guest speaker, Sophia Chan, Marketing Director for Monrovia Gardens Healthcare

August Alz Cafe Pasadena - Tax Laws Taking Hold for Seniors in 2019

Join us on Friday, February 8th for "Tax Laws Taking Hold for Seniors in 2019" with our guest speaker, Steve Huntley, Registered Investment Advisor. 

January Alz Cafe Pasadena - Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Join us on Friday, January 11th for "Keeping Your Brain Healthy" with our guest speaker, Efron Moreno, Jr., Senior Manager of Community Education and Outreach for the East L.A. Office of Alzheimer's Los Angeles. 

December Alz Cafe Pasadena - Holiday Tips for Caregivers

Join us on Friday, December 14th for "Holiday Tips for Caregivers" with our guest speaker, Kimiko Kelly, MPP Alzheimer's Los Angeles. 

September Alz Cafe Pasadena - Driving, Dementia, and the DMV

Join us on Friday, September 14th for "Driving, Dementia, and the DMV" with our guest speaker, Lisa Bricker, Senior Care Consultant and Alzheimer's Specialist 

August Alz Cafe Pasadena - Stages of Dementia, Strategies for Intervention, Tips for Coping

Join us on Friday, August 10th for "Stages of Dementia, Strategies for Intervention, Tips for Coping" with our guest speaker, Katie Gunderson, Occupational Therapist and owner of Nontraditional Business Enterprise: E Z living, Personalized Consultation of Simplified Independence. 

July Alz Cafe Pasadena - Home Care Assistance for Veterans and Spouses

Join us on Friday, July 13th for "Home Care Assistance for Veterans and Spouses" with our guest speaker, Kelly Endres, co-found of the Nonprofit S Cal Vet Support and accredited VA claims agent. 

June Alz Cafe Pasadena - Caring for the Caregivers

Join us on Friday, June 8th for "Caring for the Caregivers" and "When is Hospice Appropriate?" with our guest speaker, Pamela Wright, BSW, MSW, LCSW VITAS Healthcare. 

May Alz Cafe Pasadena - Rightsizing Your Move

Join us on Friday, May 11th for "Rightsizing Your Move" with our guest speaker, Jim Maceo, Senior Real Estate Specialist. 

April Alz Cafe Pasadena - It's Too Much Stuff

Join us on Friday, April 13th for "It's Too Much Stuff - How to Reduce Your Stress by Eliminating the Clutter" with our guest speaker, Mary Jane Snyder, owner of Simply Downsizing. 

17th Annual C.A.L.M. Conference at USC

17th Annual C.A.L.M. Conference is being held at the USC Davis School of Gerontology on Saturday, October 28th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

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