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Meet the Maumee Senior Care Staff

John Baldwin - Right at Home Owner

John Baldwin, Owner

Following my Navy service and 25 years in an industry that provides electrical power to Ohio, I wanted to build a business that served others in my community. Achieving a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) license was the first step in that change. The next was becoming a franchise owner of Right at Home, as the opportunity to empower seniors to live in their own homes attracted me immediately.

Utilizing caregivers to allow loved ones to stay home is close to my heart as our parents are in need of home care. We know firsthand how difficult it is to coordinate care for aging parents living in another state, as well as how important it is to honor the final request of loved ones. We have witnessed the emotional and physical toll on relatives and friends after caring for loved ones with Parkinson’s and other disabilities.

This led me to look at other ways we can help our seniors. Right at Home Maumee provides a Virtual Dementia Tour to facilities at no cost. We have also offered this dementia training to the public. I enjoy my monthly visit to the senior center where I provide cupcakes, and try to get out whenever possible for cookouts and visits to independent facilities.

I enjoy visiting nursing homes with my therapy dogs - and cat - which allows me to share my love of animals with others. Currently Newton, Paisley and Kaya are the therapy animals that work at Right at Home Maumee. In addition, I have worked with Assistance Dogs of America training dogs for the handicapped.

I understand the desire of seniors to remain independent in their homes. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve by providing high quality in-home caregivers. We offer the family peace of mind their loved one is being taken care of appropriately, and we would be honored to care for yours.

Kelly Scherff, Marketing Director

Kelly Scherff, Marketing Director

My name is Kelly and I am the Marketing Director at Right at Home, Maumee. I have been in the Home Care Industry for over 15 years. My entire career has been based on understanding client needs and exceeding these expectations. Helping guide and support patients and their families when they need it most has proven to be very rewarding as well as heartwarming.

When you combine my personal experience with Right At Home’s commitment to providing the highest quality of services, you realize why we are the Right Choice for your home care needs.   Luke 12: 34 - Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

Cinnamon Foster, Scheduling Coordinator

Cinnamon Foster - Scheduling Coordinator Maumee

My name is, Cinnamon Foster. I am one of the scheduling coordinators here at Right At Home.

My job isn't just about making sure the schedule is taken care of. It's also to make sure I build relationships with the caregivers and clients. I, honestly feel like my career path has chosen me. I pursued Social Work for a vital reason. I am exactly where God needs me to be.

Chantelle Foster, Office Supervisor

Chantelle Foster

My name is Chantelle Foster I have been with Right at Home as a MA/ CNA since August 2011. I began working in the office as a Client Care Supervisor/HR in 2017. Being a Client Care Supervisor/ HR, I have been able to get to know all our clients and caregivers on a more personal level and create a stronger bond and relationship.  I have over 13 years of experience in various Healthcare fields that equips me with a plethora of knowledge to facilitate a strong foundation for Right at Home. I am actively involved in my church doing volunteer work, singing in the church choir, and leading praise and worship, as well as leader of the children ministry. I am a mother of 4, and Grandmother of 2.  I am excited to get to know our future clients and assist you in all you’re at home care needs.

Jolynn Feather, Scheduling Coordinator

Jolynn Feather - Scheduling Coordinator

My name is Jolynn Feather and I am a Scheduling Coordinator with Right at Home Maumee. I enjoy coordinating our clients' and caregivers' schedules to ensure that everyone's needs are met. I like to think of our schedules as one of the key pillars of success for our company and take pride that I can be a part of the process. 

I have worked in the health care field for the last four years providing an environment for patients that is clean and inviting, but more importantly contributed to their best quality of care. I am pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Administration where I hope to one day lead a team of my own to ensure quality care and success for as many clients as I can. 

Therapy Pets

Kaya the Therapy Cat, Feline Caregiver

Meow, I'm Kaya. I'm a Siberian cat that won't make you sneeze. My breed is hypoallergenic and very personable. I love being in the company of people, and I'm extra good with cuddles. I have very soft fur and blue eyes, as prized in Russia for centuries. Although my fur is long, I don't require much maintenance, as I tend to stay tangle free. 

Newton the Therapy Dog, Canine Caregiver

Hello, my name is Newton, a Golden Doodle! I am a three-year-old Certified Therapy Dog registered with Therapy Dogs International, and weigh seventy pounds. I currently work at Right At Home in Maumee, Ohio, with my owner John Baldwin.

My passion in life is visiting humans and watching their faces light up when they see me. It really makes my tail wag when they pet me and give me treats; but I cannot have too many treats, as I am on a very controlled diet.

I look forward to visiting you and your family! P.S. Treats not required…I’ll still be happy to see you!

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