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Published By Ben Solomon on March 10, 2017

An increasing concern for seniors in the Pierce County region is ending up in the hospital because they have fallen and suffered an injury. The Tacoma Weekly noted that one third of Americans 65 and older fall every year.

Ben Solomon is the owner of Right at Home in Tacoma, a company that provides in-home care to the elderly in Pierce County, and they recently partnered with the Pierce County Fall Coalition and President, Leighann Breer. The end-goal is to prevent seniors from falling in the first place.

"We need to get as much information [about falls] as we can that is currently out there," Solomon said. "The falls are not inevitable. We want to use the outreach to give the community the resources and information they need to take control," said Breer.

The outreach that the coalition is conducting includes gatherings at local community centers to educate members of the community on what they can do to help prevent falls. Additionally there are other groups that can perform health checks on vital systems that may cause falls.

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