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Recognizing Outstanding Caregivers

Agnes C.

Caregiver Agnes

Agnes Crocker wasn’t chosen for Caregiver of the month for June because she works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We chose her because the 36 hours a week she does work as a Caregiver for Right at Home are filled with compassion and dedication to serve. She has an innate ability to form an immediate, long lasting relationship with her clients and their families. She inspires us, and is really an example of what every Right at Home employee should strive to be. Her unparalleled dedication is exemplified time and again when she accepts short notice shifts and maintains flexible to whatever changes are made to existing shifts by the clients.

Plain and simple, Agnes just wants to make sure the clients are cared for and continue to do what she believes she is called to do, which is care for others. Agnes is more than a Caregiver to her clients; she is an angel.

Monica S.

Caregiver Monica

Monica Stallworth is Right at Home’s May Caregiver of the Month. As a night shift caregiver she has spent more than a year providing quality, personalized care. Monica’s dedication to Mr. Bush and his family is impressive, not to mention this is a second job. She is there even during inclement weather conditions. She often picks up an extra shift to make sure he has care.

Monica is one of the most reliable caregivers on our team. Her patient’s face lights up every time he hears her come into a room. Monica truly represents RAH’s values of caring, serving and enriching lives, and we are proud to recognize her for her commitment to quality care.





Shade Q.

Shade Q.

We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the contributions and sacrifices SHADE QUINN makes for his clients. Providing in-home care services can be a challenging and arduous task. You always tend to look for practical solutions and direct ways to solve problems. We love the way you use the Internet as a caregiving resource. Thank you Shade for the service you provide through bad weather to double shifts, your work and commitment makes an incredible difference in the lives of those you care for! This is why you are April’s Caregiver of the Month.




Cathy O.

Caregiver Cathy

The staff here at Right at Home would like to say thank you to CATHY OATIS, our March caregiver of the month, for her dedication to her clients. She brings with her a smile and caring heart even through the adversities that she is facing. It does not matter when you need her she is there, even in the middle of the night. You give us joy and keep us laughing when there seems to be so little to be joyful about or to laugh at. You're the one who knows when it's time to clean up and get on. You change, clean, and do things you never thought you'd ever be doing and you do it with dignity. You do it with love and grace, reminding us minute-by-minute why we appreciate you so.

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