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Podcast Hosts Doug and Kerin

Home Care Leadership Series

This exciting new series of podcasts discusses the changing landscape of home care and innovation as well as provides clarity and thought around government reimbursement opportunities for in-home care.

Kerin Zuger, Chief of Strategic Growth, provides insight on how each of us can contribute to better aging. Doug Robertson, a leading expert in home care government regulations and reimbursed care, goes beyond traditional Medicare and Medicaid discussions, balancing possibility with practicality.

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Episode Guide

S1 E6 - Home Modifications and Safety Assessments to Age in Place
S1 E5 - Medicare Plan Trends and Consultants that Provide Clarity for Senior Consumers
S1 E4 - Carrie Coumbs with guests Bud Langham and Kasi Hedt
S1 E3 - Doug Robertson with guest Tyler Cromer
S1 E2 - Carrie Coumbs with guest Dr. Andy Rosenzweig
S1 E1 - Carrie Coumbs with guest Brian Petranick

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