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Keeping Your Family Connected With the Right Care

Your Dilemma:  Your mom wants to live on her terms – independently and privately in the home she’s had for the last 45 years. But, you can’t be there to check on her as much as you’d like, and you’re worried about her well-being. Is she healthy and secure? Is she eating? Is she sleeping? Just how vulnerable is she?

Our Solution: Along with Philips, our innovation partner, Right at Home is now offering a blend of in-home care and remote care options that are affordable and flexible, and improve the quality of life for the entire family! These new care options help families get the Right Care for their loved ones:

  • Improved Quality of Life: Family members can have access to...more
  • Peace of Mind: Family members can have peace of mind ...more
  • Affordable, Proactive Care: Video check-ins mean that ...more
  • Right-Sized In-Home Care: Care is customizable to the needs...more

This blend of care respects the need for a senior’s independence and privacy, and your need for a solution that works for everyone. Services include:

Well-Being Monitoring Service

  • Small, discreet motion and door sensors (no cameras) placed in key areas of a senior’s home
  • Information is collected reflecting movement patterns over time
  • Pattern changes interpreted by a Right at Home remote care specialist
  • Agency care staff can proactively consider escalation and follow-up to avoid a crisis

Well-Being Monitoring With Alert Notifications*

  • Uses the same unobtrusive motion and door sensors
  • Notifications are sent when a senior’s presence in a predetermined “risky area” is cause for concern
  • Alerts handled by a 24/7 response center
  • Response protocols predetermined by the family
    *Not available in households with pets.

Routine Check-In Service

  • Client connects with a Right at Home remote care specialist using a two-way video call on a tablet
  • Pre-arranged check-in schedule is customized to the client's needs
  • Service provides companionship and interaction for the senior
  • Right at Home's care team can see and hear the client, allowing them to gather observations that would otherwise not be apparent (mental awareness, hygiene and appearance)

Timely Alert Notifications. If movement in a pre-determined "risky area" is detected by the motion and door sensors – such as spending too much time in the bathroom or leaving the home at odd hours – an alert notification is sent to a trained response specialist. This specialist follows the client’s personalized calling tree, including connecting with the care team, the family or any other combination of steps as pre-determined by the client and family. This provides a 24/7 support system that helps to give peace of mind to family.

Putting Your Mind at Ease. Family members can have real peace of mind knowing that the trained Right at Home team is checking in on their loved one when a caregiver can’t be in the home. And, family can have access to the activity dashboard so they can check in as little or as often as they’d like to put their mind at ease. This is care that makes your family’s life easier.

Video Check-Ins. Someone is watching out for your loved one and seniors will look forward to their video check-ins. With a swipe on a tablet, they’ll see the smiling face of a Right at Home remote care specialist who is there to provide a friendly connection and keep your loved one feeling included. They’re also trained to spot red flags in mental awareness, hygiene and appearance that might signal the need for follow-up to avoid a potential crisis. This helps keep your loved one feeling independent.

Right-Sized In-Home Care. Care is customized to the needs of the client. Affordable in-home care is available as often or as little as you’d like. A senior may start out only needing occasional help around the house, but later may need assistance recovering from a medical procedure or even continuous hands-on care. Blending remote care services with hands-on care allows the senior to continue living independently in their home.

To get more information on the new care services that Right at Home is offering in conjunction with its innovation partner, Philips, please contact us.

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