Reno, NV

Caregiver recognition

 Sue Ann Burnam, Caregiver

Sue Ann BurnamSue Ann has been a caregiver with Right at Home Reno for nearly six years and she is one of our most reliable, consistent, and dependable caregivers we have. She always has her clients' best interests at heart, and she is not afraid to go the extra mile for them, because she really does care. Sue Ann is not afraid to take on the most difficult and obstinate clients and always finds a way to connect with them and get the job done.

Sue Ann's dedication to her clients is nearly without bounds, even at times to the detriment of her own needs. She is committed to getting it right, always following the care plan to the T. This, combined with her high skill set makes her one of the most versatile caregivers we have.

Testimonials from her clients:

Anna P-
"I like her and we get along.  We have a good relationship. If she is not available then I'd rather not have a caregiver that day.  Sue Ann is always here on time, and she consistently does more than is needed.  She is always a step ahead of my needs."

Frank W-
"Sue Ann was the live-in caregiver for my Mother for a little more than four years and was always very professional, dedicated and caring. My sister and myself never had any doubts that when we were not able to be with our Mother that she was receiving the proper care from Sue Ann. Perhaps even more important than doing her prescribed duties well, Sue Ann also became a good friend and companion to my Mother while serving as her caregiver. My Mother’s final few years were definitely made better by Sue Ann’s presence and efforts.

Thank You Sue Ann!  Keep up the great work

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