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Right at Home Reno's Office Team 

Mark Wimbush, Owner and Managing Director
Mark and Elaine Wimbush dressed up standing and posing on stairs

"What prompted you to start a business and why in-home care?" These are the typical questions I receive when queried about what I do. It really begins with what my wife (Elaine) and I did to make a living and the journey we wanted to embark on as we phased out of our work life. 

We were both long-term corporate employees with significant tenure with one company. Elaine retired as a Design Engineer from a utility and I retired as a CFO from a manufacturing/engineering company. With backgrounds as these, it does raise eyebrows as to why we would pursue a business for several years that covered virtually every industry available. We finally made the commitment in 2005 that we would research all options and narrow it down to a few. The more we researched home care, and Right at Home in particular, other options fell to the wayside. We wanted something fresh and new coupled with the opportunity to add true value to the industry. However, the most important criteria from day one was: We need to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Right at Home was a perfect fit for our goals and mission, so we opened our doors in September of 2006. 

It has been a wonderful, challenging experience through the years, but I still view everything through the lens of: Are we making a difference? It is difficult to explain the true gratification and humility we can experience when family members of our clients reach out and thank us for the kindness and care they received during a difficult part of their lives. Those are the moments that remind us of why we do what we do. We do have to act like a business from time to time but that does not mean we should ever lose sight of our mission and let compassion be our guide. 

Right at Home Reno's amazing staff 

Regina Lodi-House, Client Care Manager/Staffing Supervisor
Regina Lodi-House

Hi! I’m Regina and have been with Right at Home since 2008. I was the first employee hired as core office staff and I am a fierce advocate for our clients. I’ve been working with the geriatric population since 1985 where I started working as a direct caregiver in many capacities. Since then, I have been a CNA, therapy technician, medical technician, and medical assistant. I have experience working in long term rehabilitation care facilities, assisted living facilities, and independent living facilities. My family and I love football and are die-hard 49er fans. My husband Troy of 20 + years and I, enjoy spending time with their 4 grandchildren Isaac, Abel, Charlette and Sophie. Troy and I recently purchased a timeshare and are utilizing it to recharge their “human batteries.” I strongly believe in “family” whether it is her family at home, work family or the families which we provide support and care. “Doing the right thing” is the gold standard in which I strive to live by at work and in life. After all, our work is about the lives of others. I love coming to work everyday because I know what my team and I do changes the comfort of everyday living and makes the later years of life so much better.

Tricia Starbuck, Client Care Coordinator
Tricia Starbuck

Hi, my name is Tricia but you can call me Trish. I started working for Right at Home in 2010. I can honestly say, Right at Home “found” me. I spent about twelve years as a social worker focusing in child welfare before deciding to take a short time off from my profession. During this time, my sister was the one who called me and asked if I would consider working in the geriatric population. Although not certain, I interviewed with Right at Home and became not only at home with the people in the office but inspired by the work and mission of Right at Home. Needless to say, I started working the next day! I have truly felt a new purpose in helping our families and blessed to be a part of an amazing group of people in our office and caregivers. I enjoy spending time with my whole family; my fiancé and watching my two kids grow up; Noah who is 17 and Sierra is 21-they are the light of my life! I enjoy lazy days at home playing with my Golden Retriever puppy Enzo, going to the movies, and camping. I am a huge cheese-lover and if it were cloudy and overcast every single day I would be the happiest person on earth!

Melissa Marinaccio, Human Resource Director
Melissa Marinaccio, Human Resources Director

Hey! I’m Melissa and I’ve been with Right at Home Reno since 2009. I started as the afterhours supervisor and have worked my way up to the Human Resource Director. I was a CNA for 10 years working in homes, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. I have an 18-year-old son whom, I’m very proud to say won #1 Triple Jumper in Nevada and is heading off to college! I was born in New Jersey and moved to the Reno area when I was 13 years old and have been loving it here ever since. I am very close with my family and my favorite thing to do is Sunday night dinners with my family. I love working out, hiking outdoors, cooking, watching my son play sports and I’m very proud of the young man he has become!!

Tamra Arellano, Bookkeeper
Tamra Arellano

Hi, I’m Tamra and have been with Right at Home Reno since May of 2012. I was part owner/operator of a family owned business for 15 years. In 1997, I retired to raise my children. After my children left home, I had more time to help my husband in his new business ventures. Currently, I am the co-owner and bookkeeper for my husband’s businesses which opened in 2005 and 2009. Now, I work part-time for Right at Home Reno and enjoy working with all the office staff. The reason I love being a part of Right at Home is knowing there is quality home care for the elderly gives me fulfillment in my heart knowing that I can be a part of something special in the client’s time of need. Family members also get peace of mind knowing they are not alone in caring for their loved ones. I enjoy accounting and feel that working with numbers is a great way to stimulate the brain and to stay active in the work environment. I love to travel, bake, cook, and do arts and crafts. My favorite way to spend my time is with my grandchildren.

Pete Kuzmich, Operations Manager
Pete Kuzmich

I was born in the Sacramento area and lived throughout California for the first 35 years of my life. I received my higher education at UCSB in sunny Santa Barbara, CA and graduated with honors in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology. Upon graduation I worked in the mortgage industry for several years and then transitioned into home repair and general carpentry. For the next 10 years or so I worked in the construction industry. During this time, I met my future wife and we made the decision to move to the Chico area where I continued to work in construction. In 2015 my wife and I decided to move back to Reno and embark on a new career, joining the Right at Home Reno team. My wife and I are proud parents of a beautiful four-year-old daughter, and we are expecting a second child in October of this year. I also am proud serve the senior community of Northern Nevada through my work as President of the Board of Directors for a local charity, The Senior Service Network, which is based out of Carson City and provides one time financial assistance to seniors in need.
I love this work because it gives me an opportunity daily to touch the lives of the seniors that we serve and give their family and loved one’s peace of mind that their family member is well cared for. During my 20s, as I watched my Grandparents age and begin to deal with the normal complications of aging, I saw the stress and hardship that this placed on my parents and their siblings. We used home care for each of my grandparents as the situations became more and more difficult to manage towards the end of their lives and without this support, I truly don’t think that they could have gotten through it. The work that we do can be very difficult and stressful, but when we get a little card or word of thanks from a family after a job well done it makes all the rough patches worthwhile.

Nancy Lawson, Scheduler Extraordinaire
Nancy Lawson

I have been with Right Home since July of 2016 and have lived in Nevada for over 25 years and have worked various positions over the years, including sales, executive assistant and financial aid consultant, to name a few. A few years back I started working in scheduling and found out I really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of that work. I feel scheduling is like putting a beautiful puzzle together and once all the pieces fit it feels amazing to help client and caregivers find their new best friend. I am married and have a blended family of four grown children, and we are blessed with seven grandchildren who get spoiled non-stop. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and of course taking road trips on the Harley with my husband. I have also recently started learning how to box (for exercise of course) and love it!

Ginny Saiz, Recruiter

Recruiter - Ginny Saiz

Hi, my name is Ginny and I have been the Recruiting Specialist with Right at Home since early 2018. My background is in secondary science education, but I have been in the in-home care field since 2003 as Caregiver, Support Coordinator, Program Coordinator and now Recruiting Specialist. Like many of us, I became a caregiver suddenly. I launched into this role with my daughter when she suffered a brainstem stroke as she began her junior year in nursing at UNR. Learning to care for her, so she could be in our home instead of a skilled nursing facility, changed my life. It gave me a firsthand perspective as to what many of our clients and their families are going through when they are coordinating care for a loved one so they can remain in their home. I feel a personal connection to our wonderful caregivers who need to have the biggest hearts and compassion to be in this field. Finding a caregiver to do respite for my daughter was so difficult. When she later told me her caregiver treats her like “a friend instead of a job” it truly warmed my heart. I knew I had found the right one! This is the experience I would like our clients to receive from the caregivers on our team.

Emma Osman-Noyes, Community Liaison

Emma Osman Noyes

Hi there, I’m Emma and I am one of the newest members of the team as I just joined Right at Home near the end of 2018. I am originally from Gardnerville, NV but moved to Newport Beach, CA for about 10 years where I worked at Pelican Hill Golf Resort, finished my business management and entrepreneurship degree at Cal State Fullerton and co-owned a women’s gym called Kaia FIT OC for about 6 years. After we sold the business, I moved to Thailand to teach English to kindergarten and secondary Thai students for about 9 months. Upon arrival back to the US, I met the love of my life right back where it all started in the Lake Tahoe area and we are welcoming our baby boy here in June 2019. Life is just crazy beautiful isn’t it!? I am grateful and glad to be back where many of my friends reside, my brother & sister-in-law are down the street and my mother and grandparents are just 30-60 minutes away!

In my spare time, I really enjoy doing anything that gets me outside in nature, puts me on a crazy adventure or anything where I can get friends or family together and enjoy quality time and conversations!

I wanted to get into the senior service industry for two reasons; one is that my grandparents have been my everything since I could remember. They have given everything they have to their grandchildren and I hope to be able to give back to them and make their later years better with my knowledge and support. Second is, I have a passion for helping people and making their lives better. I feel like I’ve helped change adult women’s lives through our gym in Orange County and then I helped shape the minds of the children I was fortunate enough to teach in Thailand and now I want to work with the older population. I feel as though my purpose is to serve others and I couldn’t be happier to work with a team of people who share the same passion for helping others as I do!

Evette Neill, Scheduler

Evette Neill Scheduler

Hi, I’m Evette and I hale to Reno from New Mexico. I have been in the Reno area since 2017. I discovered my passion for the Senior population while caring full time for my grandmother who lived to be 90 years old. My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s, which also sparked my desire to become an active volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association. I have been a part of the Alzheimer’s Association in Colorado, New Mexico and am currently on the Retention Team for the Reno Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I have 18 years of medical experience, both in administration and medical assisting. I truly enjoy helping others and want everyone to be successful in everything they do. When I’m not at work, I enjoy doing arts and crafts and trying to keep up with my 5-year-old stepson, 1 year old grandson and 2 adult daughters. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing new adventures. With my compassion for others, attention to detail and great organization skills, I have been welcomed with open arms to the scheduling department and our Right at Home Team.


Bubi, Right at Home Reno Mascot

Bubi, Right at Home Reno Mascot

Bubi's favorite thing to do is go for a walk or cuddle. Bubi was born on December 21, 2010 and has been coming to the office since she was eight weeks old. Everyone in the office loves when Bubi comes in and she now shares her spirit outside the office as she is a therapy dog!

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