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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

About Us

We are a family owned business, who is passionate about the service and care of the elderly, but at the same time, we like to help and improve the lives of all those who help us deliver care in our company.

We understand the culture of Texas and it helps us meet the needs of families and loved ones. Be there with them, help them, serve them, and witness what God does with them, by being His instrument.

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Celebrating Eight Years of Providing Top Quality In-Home Care to Seniors

Right at Home Rhome, TX is celebrating eight years of dedicated, professional, compassionate homecare for seniors and adults with disabilities in Rhome and surrounding communities. We are blessed to be part of such a vibrant and close-knit community. We are committed to superior quality and service, and eagerly look forward to many more years offering compassionate in-home care for seniors and adults with disabilities in Rhome and our valued surrounding communities.

Pilar Suárez and Darío Lara

Owners, Right at Home Rhome

Right at Home Owners Pilar and Darío Suarez

Darío and Pilar have been married over 20 years and have two amazing kids, Santiago (19) and Daniel (16), both proudly born in the United States. Andrés, Darío's eldest son, was born in Colombia and now he’s married to Kelly and have a new addition to the family, baby Sofia, they live in Orlando, FL. Andres manages all Right at Home Rhome’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

Darío and Pilar invested some of their savings in Right at Home 9 years ago, which has allowed them to develop the company they have today and serve those older people, to whom their families have entrusted them with their care at home. Pilar graduated as a Business Administrator and has a specialization in Telecommunications Business Management. She's got more than 15 years of business experience. When Pilar was very young, she was a caregiver while she was studying at Colorado State University, and that remained in her memory and heart, becoming a legacy for her family and Teamwork. Pilar works as a Manager of the Right at Home office located in Rhome, TX.

Darío, is a Systems Administrator and who worked for thirty years in the telecommunications industry, fulfilled different executive roles in business areas such as: Operations, Customer Service, Sales and ended his work as Vice President of Network Planning and Services. This activity was developed in Colombia and now with the experience gained and his retirement from this industry, he supports the Right at Home Rhome, TX business with the Strategic Financial Planning and Management for the business.


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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to Improve the quality of life for those we serve — the elderly, disabled and their families as well as our caregivers and the community. We achieve our mission by offering peace of mind and the assurance that we strive for a better world while transforming lives.

Our Values are how we fulfill our mission. We are committed to creating extraordinary relationships with and amongst our office staff and care team, our greater community, referral sources, prospects, clients, and their families. Always providing the best care through all the amazing services we deliver with Respect, Honestly and Commitment, good Communication and Trust. Delivering security and peace of mind.

A client listening intently to her caregiver as they talk over coffee. A client listening intently to her caregiver as they talk over coffee.

Exceptional Care Transcends Borders

"At Right at Home Rhome, we believe our mission to provide exceptional care transcends borders. Our latest initiative highlights this commitment as we extend our reach from Texas to Colombia. In collaboration with ‘Corporación Rol y Estrategia’, we have joined hands to support ‘Tu Dulce Abrigo’, a senior care center in San Francisco, Cundinamarca.

This video captures the essence of our international partnership, demonstrating the power of compassion and community spirit. Our efforts at ‘Tu Dulce Abrigo’ showcase our dedication to enhancing the lives of seniors, no matter where they are located. Through this collaboration, we have united hearts and shared resources to bring joy and comfort to those in need.

From Texas to Colombia, our mission remains the same: to enrich the lives of elders with dignity and respect. The video highlights the impact of our joint efforts, illustrating the smiles we shared and the lives we touched. It is a testament to what can be achieved when we come together with a common purpose.

We invite you to watch this video and join us in celebrating this journey of international support and community building. At Right at Home Rhome, we are proud to showcase what can be accomplished through care, collaboration, and a shared commitment to making a difference.

Together, we can create a world where every senior feels valued and loved, one community at a time."

Our Philanthropies

Right at Home’s mission is “to improve the quality of life for those we serve,” and expanding our mission to serve others around the world is truly a pleasure. We support many organizations that help people live independently.

A number of caregivers praying with an Ecuadorian woman in a wheelchair.A number of caregivers praying with an Ecuadorian woman in a wheelchair.

Free Wheelchair Mission

Globally, an estimated 70 million people with disabilities have no access to a wheelchair. Those who cannot walk must crawl or be carried to their destination. In collaboration with a network of like-minded partners, Free Wheelchair Mission has distributed more than 1 million wheelchairs to people with disabilities in 93 developing countries around the world, providing renewed dignity, independence and hope through the gift of mobility, at no cost to the recipient.

As an organization, our work with Free Wheelchair Mission began in 2016 as we looked for a partner that would help us further our mission of improving lives worldwide. To date, our team’s efforts have raised more than $400,000 that has funded over 5,000 wheelchairs, which were distributed through life-changing Vision Trips to Vietnam, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Right at Home offices support Josiah’s House in the Dominican RepublicRight at Home offices support Josiah’s House in the Dominican Republic

Josiah’s House

Over half of the children living in the Dominican Republic live below the poverty line and can be found on the streets in at-risk surroundings in order to make money. Josiah’s House runs family-style homes that provide vulnerable boys and girls with the basic necessities, education, life skills, and family home atmosphere needed to succeed.

Recently, 70 Right at Home offices came together to support Josiah’s House by supplying everyday items for the children of Josiah’s House. The group delivered suitcases full of clothing, personal hygiene items, toys, and other supplies.

Outdoors Photo of a Group of People Coming Together to Erect a Building FrameOutdoors Photo of a Group of People Coming Together to Erect a Building Frame

Goat House Project

Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD) exists to reach, teach, and nurture the Deaf of Jamaica. CCCD's mission is to enable full language access and affirmation in an inclusive community whereby knowledge is empowered to know the Lord, appreciate diversity and understand the functions of the world.

As part of the Right at Home Franchise President Circle, Right at Home Rhome had the honor of being a part of a wonderful cause to raise funds for the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf so the organization could build a Goat House in Jamaica.


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