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To: Taryn Rottman

Subject: Right at Home

My name is Mike R. I moved my mother Juantia Riley to our home around Christmas in 2016. She had lived in Kilgore for many years.

Mother was no longer able to take care of herself as she had trouble getting around and was exhibiting signs of dementia. I drove to Kilgore every other weekend to spend Sundays with her. I took her to church and fed her lunch. When mother was out on the driveway at 2:00 am looking for my father who had passed some thirty years prior, I had to do something.

We moved mother from Kilgore to our home. I run a business which my wife participates in also. It became apparent someone had to be with her continuously to provide and see to her needs. We were fortunate to have an apartment on our property for mother to use.

We looked for a caregiver and come upon Right at Home. The owners Darryl and Pilar came to our house and were able to provide the services we desperately needed. We asked that they provide a caregiver from 6 in the morning till 8 in the evening to see after mother’s needs. They were able to provide a caregiver tha t very day. It was such a blessing to have their help with mother. On a regular basis Pilar and/or Darryl visited with us and mother to make sure all our needs were being fulfilled. All this took place from December 30, 2016 until February 7, 2017 when we enrolled mother into a nursing home due to her deteriorating condition.

After mother was placed in the nursing home, my brother Kenneth and his wife Sharon as well as myself and my wife Phyllis visited with mother every day. Kenneth came during the day and I was there in the evening after work. This became a burden for both of us and we asked Right at Home to provide a caregiver at the nursing home on weekends. Thankfully they were able to provide this service for us as soon as we asked.

I thank the Lord every day for Right at Home helping us through this very stressful time. I also thank the professional caregivers who were able to see to mother’s needs. Most every day mother wanted to go home back to Kilgore. The caregivers handled the situation very, very well.

A special thanks to Taryn Rottman for recognizing a condition mother went through which in the end led to transfer to a nursing home. Just before we transferred mother, I asked Pilar to provide 24 hour service to mother. Pilar came through for us.

I highly recommend Right at Home Rhome for providing a very professional caregiver service.

-Mike and Phyllis R.

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