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Ms. Sherri Erwin

Character: With strong character when it comes to care for the elderly, because she knows what is best for them, her knowledge and experience as a CNA allows her to make suggestions when it comes to better the care provided to a senior

Client Impact: Sherri really loves being a CNA. Always thinks being a caregiver is very rewarding job. As she says "it just feels so good to help the elderly and know you have made any positive impact in their lives". She goes above and beyond when seek for elderly care.

Brand Ambassador: Sherri is always open to take an extra shift to support us in case of needing her to cover a shift. She is always sharing information about Right at Home, when she has the chance like when she is taking clients to physical therapy, and thanks to that we get calls asking for our services.

Team Spirit: Sherri is very easy to relate to other caregivers and work on the best interest of the elderly. Really respectful with the office staff and all our policies and procedures. Keeps a pretty good communication with office staff when it comes to the care of her clients, changes of clients conditions, etc.

Professional Development: Sherri is pretty interested in keeping up with her CNA certification doing all type of classes with Right at Home University.

Ms. Delee Landrum

Character: Even though Delee has a handicapped of walking she has a SPUNK to assist what is best for her clients and get the work done!

Client Impact: Her clients and their loved ones can depend on her for everything! She listens to clients and families always trying to accomplish what they want but also what is best for client she is taking care of.

Brand Ambassador: Delee is ALWAYS taken shifts when we need her. She will drive 2 hours to a shift. Her calling to be a caregiver is very honored on the way she approach to a client, their families and improves the quality of their lives.

Team Spirit: Delee really cares for following Right at Home procedures as she cares for the clients where she works with other caregivers on the best interest of the client.

Professional Development: Delee keeps up with her certification by doing her continue education and attending all training with Right at Home.

Mrs. Rosie Rivera

Character: Rosie is a really dedicated and hard worker caregiver, her knowledge and experience as a CNA highlights in every task she does for Ms. Brooks for over a year that she has being with her.

Client Impact: Rosie has impacted Ms Brooks life and her family, not only because her health has improved dramatically, but emotionally because she's given her adult children the peace of mind that Ms. Brooks is well taken care of while they are busy with their own families. Her dedication and selfless when it comes to care for her goes above and beyond.

Brand Ambassador: Rosie is really respectful when it comes to follow Right at Home's policies and procedures. Always referring our Agency to other caregivers that are looking for job. Involved with activities at local Nursing Home.

Team Spirit: Rosie leads and trains the team of caregivers that we have with Ms Brooks, always sharing her knowledge and experience and also, the way M Brooks likes everything to get done at home, always thinking that the quality of the care they are providing is aligned with our culture as a Right at Home family. "We are just one family."

Professional Development: Enrolled in Right at Home University, always seeking to be up to date on new care techniques.

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