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Outstanding Home Care Service

Torrie D.

Caregiver Torrie

Torri was awarded as the “Caregiver of the Month” of November because of her outstanding ability with communication and problem solving not only with office staff but specially with clients she has served over the past 7 months. We really enjoy having Torrie working with us, she has a wonderful attitude in her care for clients and always has a beautiful smile on her face. Thank you Torrie!





Sandra K.

Caregiver Sandra

Sandra was chosen to be our caregiver of the month of October because of her impeccable caregiving work. She’s 100% focus in providing the best care for all her clients for more than 2 years that she has being working with us. Thank you Sandra and please keep up the great work you do!







Whitney C.

The fabulous Whitney has been recognized as our September caregiver of the month. Whitney has been with Right at Home Rhome for over a year. She is has been a caregiver for the past 10 years. When asked what she likes about being a caregiver, she said it’s all about making a difference in people’s lives. She knows what she does for seniors helps them have a better quality of life because they are able to stay in their home. When Whitney isn’t taking outstanding care of our precious clients, she enjoys photography, taking road trips and spending time with her 2 boys. We are honored to have Whitney on our care team.

Caregiver Whitney

Amanda M.

Amanda was recognized as our caregiver of the month because of her passion and dedication that drives her to provide care for her client, going above and beyond what was expected. She was just the perfect fit for her client, and they have been together since we hired her almost a year ago. Amanda has all the principals and values a caregiver needs to have to care for others. We all Right at Home team wants to thank you Amanda, for the outstanding job you do.

Caregiver Amanda

Sherri G.

Congratulations to our Caregiver of the Month of July, Sherri G. When we first interviewed her she shared to us that her “heart goes out to people to care for, especially seniors”, and she totally embrace it with her daily care for seniors at Mineral Wells and Weatherford area. Thank you Sherri! Your love and compassion for others is outstanding!

Caregiver Sherri

Melinda C.

Melinda has been with our company for just over 6 months. When asked what she likes about being a caregiver, Melinda said that it’s important to her to be able to give back to the senior community. She feels being a caregiver was her calling, she was born to serve others and looks forward to seeing her clients every morning. We are so thankful for the love and compassion Melinda shows each of her clients with Right at Home Rhome.

Caregiver Melinda

Cristina C.

Cristina was awarded as our caregiver of the month for her outstanding service to all the clients she has been taking care of since she started working for our Agency. For her commitment and dedication to provide best care possible for each one of her clients, she is our caregiver of this month! Thank you Cristina.

Caregiver Cristina

Ashley P.

We are happy to introduce to you all, our caregiver of this month, Ashley Parrish. After working for us past 6 months her commitment, love and care for all clients has made her award as our caregiver of this month. Ashley’s dedication to every client she has had with our Agency, highlights her passion of being a caregiver. We feel blessed of having Ashley here with us.

Caregiver Ashley

Dawn C.

We are so glad to share with you all our caregiver for this month, Dawn Coffey. She is the best example of commitment and love for the elderly. She truly goes above and beyond when it comes to care for our clients. It doesn't matter if she is covering shift for other caregiver or providing care for her regular clients. She is a team player, we feel blessed to have her in our Right at Home - Rhome family. Thank you Dawn!

Caregiver Dawn

Sherri E.

Sherri has been working for our Agency over a year, and this month we want to recognize her passion and hard work with all clients she’s been with. She is a remarkable CNA, who don’t hesitate on going above and beyond for her clients. Thank you Sherri!!!!

Caregiver Sherri

Rosie R.

This month we want to recognize Rosie Rivera as "caregiver of the month", for her dedication and commitment to the client with whom she has been more than one year. We highlight your teamwork and love for your profession. Thank you Rosie for giving your customers more than they expect from you. We wouldn’t be able to do what we love without caregivers like you.

Caregiver Rosie Rivera

Delee L.

We are recognizing Delee L. as our caregiver for November. We thank her for her outstanding service for all clients in our area. She has been a caring caregiver this year. She goes far and beyond to provide the best care possible. Thank you Delee!

Caregiver of the Month Delee

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